Best Ways to Invest Successfully

How do you analyze your investments and wealth? What differs you from other wealthy personalities and investors? Why do the rich get richer? It all starts as a race! But the miles ahead determine who is strong enough to pass the stress of time, and who gets to win.

There are three different types of people; the ones that was born with a golden spoon, the ones that are opportune to eat the scrubs that falls from the golden spoon and the ones that goes on a adventurous journey to discover the golden spoon.

Many people today were born in wealth, they came and saw the wealth, they inherited it and starts to enjoy life at full. Meanwhile some people prefers to befriend the rich so in that way, he gets to enjoy certain measures of their richness; But then there are few people who knew the secret of being successful in life, they took the risks and they discover that richness abundantly.

Green represents something that is prosperous; no wonder the America dollar carries green marks on it. And still remains the most world sought. Today we are here to discuss how to analyze your wealth. Having wealth is one thing, sustaining that wealth is another. Take Note, mark your wealth today with green, it is a start.

One certain man asked a question; why can’t I be rich? He went on to narrate that he is strong, capable to do any works, so why can’t he be successful like most men? Well, he might be right in his questions but nevertheless, that did not justify any reasons whatsoever why he wasn’t rich. Let’s clear that notion here, shall we? Never mistake hard work with riches, hard work can only advance success but it is not a guarantee of wealth. Many people are successful in their choice of business, jobs and works but they are not rich; WHY? Here’s the Y, because it is a LONG TAIL with TWO BRANCHES….

The long tail illustrates a journey, a route which determines all courageous men to advance on. This route is what we call in this day, an INVENTION or rather CHOICE OF BUSINESS. First and foremost, find a business, work or job that you find more conducive or that is preferable for you to work on. It can come as your own inventions or another man’s business that is high in demand and returns. This takes time and requires taking risks; some might backfire at the end if you weren’t smart about it at first. Some might blow you up into riches.

Once you have identify the type of business or job you prefer then it is to move to the next segment which are the TWO BRANCHES; one of the branches is what i call INVESTMENTS, and the other Branch is what i also call RETURNS. Now you have identify your choice of business or invention, it is time to invest on that business but first there are three things to consider:

1) Future of the business.
2) Stability of the business.
3) Returns of the business.

It is very important to note the future of the business, does this business has any future successes to be acquired? Could this business go international? Are there any loopholes? It is better to make your investigations and take surveys before investing on that business.

Also find out the stability of the business, is it standing on a ROCK, WATER or SAND. It’s a metaphor but if the business is standing on WATER, it’s likely going to sink one day. If it’s standing on sand, there’s a possibility that it will fall or washed away; but if it is standing on a rock, it’s good business that means it will always pass the nick of every time, weather and storm. And then, it is also important to identify the returns of the business, when investing, how much you get in return. The returns are the basic ingredient in every business. If there’s no solid return, then it means either the business is not good or someone somewhere is cheating. BE WISE!

Now the other branch RETURNS still narrates the same, when you invest through the first branch, you expect your returns from the second branch, which is good business as far as i am concerned. From your returns, you also use it to invest in more percentages that will yield more returns for you in bigger percentages. In the first year, you will be surprise with your profit, in the second year, you will screaming WOW! And in the third year, you will be partying with friends and families.

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