Best Ways to Save Money


If you are saving money with your husband or boyfriend/girlfriend, the two of you are working. Example A have $1000per month and B have $750 per month. How much can you save? you can save $750 in a bank. Make a bank account for two person’s name. So you have left $1000 right? Make your planning, (first) plan how much to spend for transport to work, (second) plan how much to pay for bills and whatever money you need to use, it means you have to be budget on it. (third) at last the balance is how much you can use for the whole month. You can also plan how much you can use for each day. So you will not use up the money for buying things instate of saving up. It is quite tight to do like this but you will sure to see your effort you have made.

If you are saving only for yourself that’s more easy.

example you have $1000 per month. (first) save $500 in your own account. Balance $500 right? make your budget. bills, transport and more… the rest is how much you can use for the month. You can also plan how much you can use for each day.

These are the ways to make yourself save money. Because nowadays many people do not know how to save money. How much you earn then how much you pay. You will not have enough money for everyday. Because money is always not enough. More money will be better but what I say is the more you earn the more you pay. So just learn to control yourself and learn what i say to make yourself SAVE MONEY. But remember… do not save and take out the money so fast. Save to a lump sum and think whatever you want to do.