Best Ways to Sell your Timeshare

Soaring management charges by timeshare companies have caused problems for a number of owners of timeshares or vacation club points.  There may be some difficulties associated with selling timeshares which can be identified from the title deeds however this article will deal with the best ways to sell your timeshare.

* Best Ways to Sell Your Timeshare

Probably the best way to sell your timeshare is to another owner as this can avoid a number of the charges that are levied by timeshare companies and also any legal restrictions they may place on selling your timeshare to independent purchasers. One way to meet other timeshare owners is through your own vacations and also if there is a home resort close to your home neighborhood. 

Many timeshare companies have member websites where it is also possible to hook up with potential purchasers for timeshares or vacation points.

Advertising your timeshare in newspapers or on auction sites such as eBay is another option for selling it, although you will probably need to ensure management fees are up to date. 

Occasionally timeshare companies or vacation clubs offer the option to buy back timeshares from members, however the price they offer will not generally be reflective of sums initially invested by timeshare purchasers.

* Other Ways to Sell Timeshares or Vacation Club Points

The methods mentioned above are some of the best ways to sell timeshares or vacation points.  There are a number of companies that offer to purchase timeshares or vacation points and these organizations do advertise their services widely in the press or by personal contact with timeshare owners.  In general these organizations demand an upfront fee to market timeshares or points and give no guarantee that they will be able to sell.  In fact many disgruntled owners have parted with sums in the region of $750 or more for this service only to find that the companies cannot manage to sell the timeshares. 

A further method of selling your timeshare is to join one of the new travel clubs that are now marketed heavily.  These clubs offer great prices to buy timeshares coupled with an additional charge to take out membership of their VIP club, however the services offered by the club in no way match the type of prices charged to join.  Indeed, these travel clubs are anxious to purchase as many timeshare or points options as possible to enable them to offer more holiday deals to their members.