Bonds my Ecstatic Money Investments

How savings bonds impact the stock market

Over the years as a consumer you will gather that I do not follow stats nor do I have financial information, however, I do feel comfort that I was able to sign up for yearly purchases of bonds through my employer’s pay roll department. I found it was a very good money management principle of initiating my personal “bond investment tactic standards” not only for me who was unable to save a penny initially but I was being transformed to an employee being taught to invest as well as save through ownership of Bonds.

Wealth builder. The savings bonds do impact the stock market when institutions employers participate in Saving Bonds Initiatives for employees.

My purchases of Bonds on my own terms for my children in their own names, you might not have experienced this valuable act of being able to teach myself to stash up my Bonds investments. As a single mother my emotions were enabled. Making my decision to set my standard for my personal money management building savings policies skillfully managed by my work Credit Union or through my bank inking management.


Affordability of funds being deducted from my work place accounting department or financial department made these Bonds deductions to the credit union that in turn forwarded these assets on behalf of me the Bond purchaser or employee.

Trust and Loyalty

Trust became my next measurement tool in being aware that my Bonds availability was easily accessible through the work place Credit Union or Banking Institutions as soon as the funds were requests by me as an employee. Initially I felt I would be breeching my contract if I withdrew the funds before the maturity period and had to learn to control my urge to cash in those available funds I then developed a strategy. Short Term Bond Funds for Christmas only and long term funds Bonds for maintenance of my Home Improvements.

I am pleased with the Core Values not only were Bonds important investments but special bonds were established at the Credit Union and the banking institution with its management of me as an investor in government Bonds also with the employer’s Bond Department who contacted employees to update us on new bonds issues and when bonds were no longer available for purchase.

I have developed a special bond with this enabled reason to invest and build money management by the public and employers as well as myself as an employee who purchased uits for twenty years. Yes, savings bonds alwyas impact the stock markets.