Book Reviews Retire Young Retire Rich

Banking on his hugely successful book of Rich Dad Poor Dad previously, Robert T Kiyosaki penned yet another book about accumulating wealth, this time titled Retire Young, Retire Rich.

Retire Young, Retire Rich is not entirely a continuation of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book, rather it is a little bit of book about “how to” form Robert.

And being Robert T Kiyosaki, he preaches what else, but how to get rich and stay rich forever.

Received with little fanfare compared with his previous effort of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert nevertheless soldier on with his mission of enlighten people about the way of accumulating wealth.

Retire Rich, Retire Young mostly telling us about using some sort of lever that is available to amass wealth.

Divided in four section of main lever there are, Robert trying hard to convey his messages in elaborate and sometimes wandering out of sort where he also touch about history and religion in this book.

According to Robert, there are four main levers you could and must use if you are really serious to retire young and retire rich. They are leverage of Mind, leverage of Plan, leverage of Action and lastly leverage of First Step.

In this book Robert again stressing about having a right mental attitude if you are really serious about your plan (if there is ever there) and dreams of being a rich man and not only damn rich, but really having a freedom to live a carefree life like him. Roberts is 47 when he retires and led a carefree life. It’s quite an achievement.

It is not really a noble idea though because many of us actually have some idea about where positive mental attitude could lead us to. Many self help authors do stressed the importance of having a positive mental attitude to get you really far in life. Mental power could be the single most important factor to determine where you are standing in life and society.

Robert goes on to explain the other leverage that you must really manipulate and use cleverly. Not really a straightforward guide, this book do gives some glimpse of idea about what you really need to do to be rich. A little bit of example here and there, some figures and tips, this book is really just a rough idea and suggestion about retiring young and rich.

At the end of the day, it is back to basic principles of hard work, ethics and grabbing whatever opportunity there is life has to offer. The reality is, life is not so easy and rosy, and you must fight hard to make the most of it.

Retiring Rich, Retiring Young is not necessarily the ambition of each and every one of us. Fans of Robert may appreciate this book. It is a rather good book to pass your free time and getting a little bit idea of how to retire rich, retire young.