Books Deals Saving

When money gets tight buying books can seem like a luxury but there are ways to get the most out of your book budget.

One way to stretch your dollars for books is to use your public library.  Most public libraries have a variety of items to lend including books, audiobooks, e-books, magazines, DVDs and CDs.   Libraries have an endless supply of books with new books arriving daily. For an avid reader a library can save hundreds of dollars a year while still allowing a reader to read as many books as possible.   Some libraries also have sales where readers can stock up on used books.

Another way to stretch book dollars is to buy used books.  There are many places to find used books including used bookstores like Half Price Books.  Check the clearance section at the used bookstores for amazing deals.  Used bookstores will often buy used books from customers but sometimes it can be disappointing to see how little your used books bring in.  Other sources for used books include thrift stores, rummage sales and garage sales.

Consider borrowing and lending books with friends.  This is a good idea if you are responsible with books and good at finishing them and returning them.

The Internet is another place to find book deals., and are great places to find deals on used books.  Many books for as little as a penny. These can also be sites for readers to sell used books to make money to buy, you guessed it, more books. is a site for readers to track reading and connect with other readers and writers.  The site also allows readers to swap books with other readers.  Sharing books can be a great way to save money.

Consider an e-reader or the Kindle or iBook apps.  Many classics are available for free on e-readers.  With many books available for as little as $.99 on e-readers filling up an e-reader can be cheaper than filling up your bookshelves.   

Another way to stretch your book money is to follow book bloggers and publisher on blogs and social media sites.  Book bloggers will often have giveaways which can be a great way to get free books.  Publishers will often let people know about e-book sales on sites like twitter and facebook.  

The key to saving money on books is to be a smart shopper and look for deals.