Bounty Hunters

I would like to start by pointing out that the idealists appear to believe that they can lay down a set of laws and bounty hunters will defy all human nature and follow the new laws to the letter. Through solid logic I would like to show you this is inconceivable and the repercussions that the motion will bring.

Improper usage of bounty hunters

Ladies and gentlemen contrary to what the idealists may say, bail enforcement officers will not help the justice system because they help destroy the point of bail. Let me elaborate; the whole point of bail is that the defendant has to appear in court to reclaim his funds. If a bail bondsman pays the bail, the defendant has nothing holding him to appear in court therefore he loses nothing by jumping bail. Now if a bail bondsman client jumps bail, the bondsman hires a bail recovery agent to recover the fugitive.

Yes bail recovery agents are cleaning up the mess the bondsman made by paying the bail in the first place but if there are no bounty hunters, bail bondsmen will have no one to recover fugitives, thus they will be forced out of business and therefore they will not be able to pay bail and release fugitives onto the street.


The second usage problem with bounty hunters is their potential to cross the line and become licensed criminals. This can happen because they are paid on a commission basis therefore they are over-incentivised to catch criminals to make a larger profit. This means they will be enticed into breaking laws to capture these fugitives.

Corruption also factors into this as a desperate fugitive could easily pay a bounty hunter more than the bounty hunter would have received for his capture to rather release him.

This proves that the bounty hunter will be ineffective and therefore proves our clash.

Violation of human and civil rights

One of the major problems with bounty hunters are they have an abnormally high chance of getting the wrong person, but don’t police also stand a chance of arresting the wrong person? The answer is police have a political image to uphold while bounty hunters don’t, therefore police will naturally have more incentive to make sure they have the right person than bounty hunters who don’t have a political image to uphold.


Excessive violence

Sadly there is very little to stop a bounty hunter from using excessive violence because as I said earlier, they don’t have a political image to uphold therefore in an arrest situation, they can use unnecessary and intolerable amounts of violence.


To summarize I have proved to you that

Bounty hunters will be ineffective because of the improper usage of them, they will infringe on peoples civil rights by arresting the wrong person and they will infringe on peoples human rights by using excessive violence.