Budgeting Free Activities for the whole Family

Living on a budget is not an easy task, especially when it is a family with kids. Thus, it may be useful to think out instances where the whole family could get together and enjoy while spending minimal amount of money or spending nothing at all. This article explains several such free activities for the whole family.

Park visits

In most places, it is not difficult to find a park suitable for a family outing, and in most instances these parks would also have a special area for kids with slides, swings, jungle gyms etc. At the same time, some parks would be having large areas of forest cover with safe passages for kids to experience a jungle adventure. While on such expeditions, the kids can engage themselves in collecting flowers, leaves and other small objects that they find and later paste them in a scrapbook for educational purposes. Thus, park visits are not only fun, but also educational for the whole family while most importantly for a budgeting family, it’s free to enjoy.

Home movie night

Getting together for a home movie night could be a great experience for the whole family. It includes selecting a movie preferred by everyone, preparing pop-corn, smoothies or a snacks at home and not being disturbed by other distractions such as phone calls, emails etc. This can also be a regular activity with each family member getting a chance to pick a movie for the entire family. Even the snacks can be made cheaper, tastier and healthier at home than when it is purchased outside while contributions made by the family members in preparing them would make it more enjoyable than eating fast food.

Playing board games

There are many types of board games, which can bring hours of fun to the entire family without spending a dime. Most of these board games such as Sorry, Monopoly and Trouble are available in both the classic mode as well as in the electronic mode. Both instances can provide the whole family with fun and pleasure, although many would enjoy the classic form because of its more interactive and physical nature than playing something on the digital screen. In some instances, it may be more fun to invent one’s own board games with a unique clues list and prices. In addition, treasure hunt games could also bring lots of fun as well as hours of enjoyment for the entire family.

Visiting the museum

Most museums do not charge an entry fee, although some might only be having one or two days per week designated as ‘free entry’. Finding out these days and the various events that are planned by the museum for the whole family could make way for an enjoyable day out for the entire family. Such activities not only would be free and budget friendly, but would also provide the kids with an educational experience of a lifetime.

Visit the beach or play in the water

If there is a close-by beach or a free community swimming pool, visiting such sites would be a great enjoyment for all the members of the family. Adding a picnic basket may add spice to the experience. At the same time, visiting nearby lakes or other waterfronts could also be a joy especially when there are kids who would love the scenery and the freedom to play in safe waters.

Riding bicycles

Cycling can be a fun filled activity for the entire family. It can provide much needed exercise for the parents as well as growing children. Traveling through dirt tracks and following trails could be extra fun, although one should take adequate measures to prevent any accidents or injuries that may spoil all the fun and could make no-cost activity a costly hospital stay.

Apart from these activities, one could also think of free activities such as playing cards, blowing bubbles using homemade solutions, reading books together and even having a yard sale, which can bring the whole family together at no cost.