As the end of another year approaches, that is also a time for making plans for the coming year. People want to do what has been successful for them. At the same time, people want to avoid those things that were past mistakes and resolve not to make those mistakes again.

The truth of the matter is that even if the next day is the first day of a new year many things carry over into that new year that must be resolved, like reducing your outstanding debts and trying to save the purchasing power of your accumulated savings. Within the society the high rate of economic inflation will not end simply because the year came to an end.

So too, the high rate of unemployment within the United States of America, as well as other places on rarth will not suddenly be reduced until after positive action taken by the elected politicians within the Government of the United States of America, as well as other countries on Earth. Until that does happen you have to think about your own way of remaining healthy and alive within the country in which you reside and work.

Bad things happen to everyone and you are no different than other people in that regard. You can lose your job to a foreigner within a foreign country and subsequently become homeless, on the street with nothing to eat. Therefore, it is wise for you to not spend your hard earned money for things that you can easily live without so that it will be possible for you to invest your money by buying things that will appreciate in value as time goes by.

The first thing that you should do to accomplish that goal is to resolve, by means of a “New Year’s Resolution,” to reduce your outstanding debts. Pay off your credit balances as soon as you can. The less interest that you pay, that is currently charged by your creditors, the more money you will have to spend for other things that you need, in order to remain healthy and alive.

You also resolve to find ways in which to reduce your utility expenses. The fact of the matter is that you need that money more than a utility company. If you make your home a “Green Friendly” place in which to live you help the environment, as well as yourself.

If you resolve to purchase only goods and services that are made or provided by other people who also live within your country you create or save the jobs of your fellow citizens. You also resolve not to waste the gasoline or other motor fuel that you purchase by driving to places for no good reason other than to see a movie, joy ride with friends and/or dine out when you can easily cook all of the food that you consume.

When gold and/or silver prices increase you should buy those items as an investment as a hedge against future economic inflation. Each dollar that you spend today could be worth two or more dollars within the future if the market price of gold and/or silver continues to increase. Such items can easily be sold after the prices of those items remain stable or begin to decrease because of improving economic conditions within your country. 

As you can see, what you do for yourself might even help improve the economy of the country in which you live. The point here is that if all of the people within your country did as you intend to do the balance of payments deficit of your country will also decrease. Doing so will also cause the purchasing power of your money to increase as well. Then again, maybe some of those lost jobs to foreigners within foreign countries will come back to your country after those owners and those controllers of multinational corporations come to the conclusion that they will make money from the people within your country only if they again make those products within your country. 

Your country will again prosper because employed people pay taxes, thus increasing the wealth of your country, as well as the other people within the country in which you live and work.