Buying Groceries on a Budget

Reducing your grocery bill it almost like being juggler in a circus. This week we can spend $100 on groceries, but next we have to spend less for the dastardly car payment coming up. How can the average citizen survive and prosper. This recession is pulling us down each month, and the forecast does not seem to be getting better.

Everyone is hoping for a quick fix, a new remedy that will be fast approaching to solve this financial crisis. However, do not hold your breath, or count on chickens, for they may never hatch. We are talking about the United States Government.

Here are some simple ways to increase your groceries, and add more money in your pocket right now! Each week before you set out for the store, write a menu of the kinds of foods you will be preparing that week. Do this for each meal, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Do not forget dessert if that is part of the plan. Then write a grocery list according to the menu, and add any cleaning agent or toiletries that are necessities.

Round up coupons if you have any. You may find some in your local paper, or magazines or on-line under, or another coupon link, then print them out

Make sure you are not hungry when you shop, or you will buy more food, consumer testing as proven this to be a fact. Impulsive buying is a cardinal sin when you are trying to save money.

If you have a calculator at home, use one. This will give you some idea of what you spend each month, and write it down to keep track for you own records.

Never forget to look at the store brands, sometimes they are cheaper than the coupons, or other brands you usually buy.

After each purchase, cross it off you list. In time, you will really know the items you really need each week, and the things you can live without until life gets easier.

Shopping with a friend could be good or bad, depending on your friend. She may sway you away from your saving plan, and say, Oh this is such a great deal get it. Leave her at home. If you have a friend that helps you stay on track, bring her along, it could be fun.

If you must take your darling children, tell them the plan of action, before you leave the house, and then remind them before leaving the car. If they are good, and not demanding, or have tantrums, they certainly deserve a treat.

Food is an easy treat, and so yummy and delicious for a child or an adult, but not always good, with obesity on the rise. Maybe a good treat would be seeing a special show, or going bike riding with Mom or Dad, or some other activities they would enjoy, but don’t always get a chance to do.

Whatever the treat is, let them know what they are working for; they may work harder to get it, unless it is a surprise! Your choice now so go out and have some fun!