Buying Smart Clothes on a Budget

Your clothing budget may be one of the higher categories on your budget, but there are ways to make your clothing budget go further.

Buy basic items

You can save money by buying simple and classic items in basic colors such as black, blues, grays, brown and creams. By adding different colored shirts and accessories, you can make multiple outfits from a few basic pieces.

Buy quality items

You may save money by spending more on some items. It there are items that you plan on wearing a lot, then it may make sense to spend more for quality items than having to buy the same things multiple times when they wear out.

Shop sales

Many retailers run seasonal sales which may help you save money. Consider if it makes financial sense to buy items in the current season for upcoming seasons.  Some items are such that they will not go out of style quickly and can be worn in the future. In addition to sales, some retailers may offer coupons for a certain percentage off your purchases. Some retailers offer coupons for a certain amount to be used on a future purchase if you spend a certain amount.

Shop from your closet

Go through your closet and see if there are items in the back that you may have forgotten. Also, try mixing different pieces together than you usually wear together. 

Shop resale stores

In many cities there are resale clothing retailers that have higher quality items than usual second hand stores. In many cases, you may be able to find items that still have original price tags on them for a fraction of what you would pay in retail stores. This is also a way to get cash if you have items that you purchased and no longer wear. The cash you get can be used for items that you will wear.

Sign up for specials

Many retailers send out mailings or emails about specials coming up. This can be helpful if you are looking for something specific but beware of spending money on items just because they are on sale. You don’t’ save money buying something you may not have needed only because it was on sale. You can also get discounts if you use the store charge card. Again, be careful of what you purchase using the charge account. These accounts may carry higher interest rates than credit cards, and your balance can rise quickly if you don’t pay it off each month.