Can the Color of a Car Affect a Car Insurance Quote

Can the color of a car affect a car insurance quote? Many people believe so.  When you think about the color of a car changing the bottom line price of auto insurance quotes it sounds ridiculous at first. Color should have nothing do with the safety standards the automobile manufacturers put into a car. 

As one would expect, it does not, a red car is as safe as a blue one. The color a person chooses for a car they want to buy should not make a difference either.  The funny thing is it does make a difference.

♦  How does the color of a car affect the price of insurance?

There have been numerous studies that have shown that people who like the color red are more aggressive. They do in fact drive faster on average. Red has also been shown in psychological studies to be a color associated with recklessness. So this means that people who buy red cars are more reckless. 

♦  Red car drivers are more dangerous?

There is also a well known urban legend that a police officer, when seeing two cars speeding at the same velocity, will always pull over the driver who is driving the red car. If the people who drive these cars know that they have an increased chance to get a ticket then they are also fearless.  Fear had been known to keep people safe. 

♦  The Law of Averages.

Auto insurance quotes are based off the law of averages. If a particular type of model of car gets in more accidents then that type of car gets a higher auto insurance quote. If a specific area of town is prone to more accidents and auto thefts, then people who live there pay more for auto insurance quotes. 

So you can see why people who choose to drive red cars, who have been psychologically proven to be both reckless and fearless should of course pay higher percentages of auto insurance quotes. Except for the fact that they DO NOT pay any more for their auto insurance quote.

♦  No Direct correlation between the color of a car and a car insurance quote.

There is no direct correlation between the color of a car and the amount someone pays for auto insurance. It makes an odd sort of sense that there would be but there simply is not. 

♦  Unfortunately there is an indirect correlation between the color of a car and a car insurance quote

The secret here is the word direct. If the studies that discussed earlier are true and if there will certainly be an indirect effect. If they are true the red car driver will receive more tickets and have more accidents on his record. The ACTIONS of the person who drives a red car will raise the price of the auto insurance quote, not the color of the car.  Since they tend to be more reckless psychologically there will tend to be more tickets on their record. At least according to the law of averages.