Can we Rely on our Police Departments

Can police departments be relied upon?  A question that seems to come up in conversation more and more these days.  People are constantly questioning whether or not they can rely upon their police departments.  The answer is yes, police departments can be relied upon; in fact, I think we have no choice but to rely upon them. 

The question is, to what extent should we rely upon our police departments?  The purpose of a police department is to protect the community from harm’s way and ensure that each person’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is not infringed upon, and that each person follows the rules and laws.  In any case, there will never be an instance where every single person that encounters the police will be satisfied.  In most cases police enforce laws that may become a financial burden for people by issuing tickets and making arrests.  So if the question is can we rely upon our police departments?  Yes, we can rely on the police departments to write tickets to people who do not follow the traffic laws.  The traffic laws are there to protect everyone.  To keep people from driving fast and endangering the lives of everyone else that drives on the road.  We can count on the police to arrest people with warrants for not paying the fines associated with the tickets that they wrote.  We can count on the police to serve search warrants on houses where criminals are making drugs and selling weapons.  We can count on the police to intervene in a family when they believe that a mother or a child is being abused by someone and make sure that the child is placed into a safe environment.  We can count on the fact that if you try to hit the police you will more than likely get hit back, if you shoot at the police you will get shot back at. 

There are a lot of things that we can rely on our police departments for and then there are some things that we should not rely on our police departments for.  Police are here to keep us safe from people who do not want to conform to the standards that have been established by “we the people” so, if you rely on your police department you must rely on them always not just when it benefits you.  You must accept the fact that if you drive fast, you may get caught and I hope that the police department is doing its job and catches me because that’s why I rely on my police department.