Can we truly Rely on the Police to Save our Lives


Yes, the police can always be trusted to protect us in other countries such as the United states and United Kingdom but here in a country like Nigeria, the police at most times can not be trusted to protect us because of  the following reasons:

The Nigerian police most times don’t have the right education to become police but only become one through the person they know who is a police officer or who is a politician. Secondly, the Nigerian police are no respecter of any life due to the fact that most times than not, are drunk and are in no position to protect anyone. Thirdly, the police have no psychological  qualification to become police. Another thing is the fact that the police at most times are only interested in extorting the innocent citizens who in themselves have refused to follow the rules and regulations of their society and avoid their duties as citizens and the police who is expected to uphold the law in the society will be interested only in collecting bribes from offenders instead of prosecuting them appropriately.

The police have destroyed so many lives due to their refusal to give them the usual money they collect from motorists to and from almost all locations in the country because any driver who refuses to give them will be shot instantly and sometimes, the shots don’t meet the drivers but one of the passengers. Can we rely on them to protect us that way?

Another instance is when anyone goes to report a robbery case to them, they start blowing their siren when going to rescue the people, thereby telling the robbers that they, the police, are on their way and that the robbers should take to their heels. Another one is when a robber’s hideout has been identified by a citizen, when the police get there, they collect bribes offered to them by the robbers and disclose information about their informant to the robber who in turn will go and kill the informant.

Another instance is when there is any robbery case anywhere, the police will not come out to rescue people saying they don’t have enough equipment to combat the robbers and that they have to save their own lives too. How can anyone who is afraid for his own life be relied upon to save someone else life?

From my own opinion, the police most times than often cannot be relied upon to save our lives. Thanks