Cannabis Drugs War on Drugs – No

Is something ever made illegal because it’s positive for society? Maybe but in the instance of marijuana, nothing could be more detrimental than the negatives it brings about in society. There is almost nothing positive about marijuana. It is a drug which is rightly illegal. As for the alleged “War on Drugs,” where is it happening?

To answer the questions which the top contributor has put forth will be straight to the point. How is the legalization of marijuana helping me? For beginners, it is keeping many children away from a nasty psychotic drug which has been shown to slow down one’s reaction times. The cannabis lobby can argue how they like against the other damaging health effects but reduced reaction times about smoking pot has come up time and time again. If someone is to continue smoking the drug, it will likely have an effect on the person. The communities which have had to endure many hardships from the supply of people who are addicted to drugs like marijuana has come up repeatedly in recent times. Nobody can dismiss marijuana as something positive for society. Many former users have come forth and spoken out against the powerful mind altering chemicals. They’ve said it has irreversible effects on their life, especially their ability to process information, think clearly and feel empathy. Caffeine is not a mind altering substance which makes you hallucinate, laugh at everything or numb your senses.

The notion of people starting on marijuana, then moving onto harder drugs is not something I will try and prove. I suspect, unlike who believe there’s nothing but sunnier paths to cannabis legalization should contemplate recent research which has been published by New Zealand’s Otago University. Conducting research on users and non-users of the drug, it was discovered that people who began smoking cannabis in their youth had, on average lower IQ levels then those who didn’t. As many current marijuana users begin using in their teens, they are now suffering from the repercussions. Having many young youth who have a far easier access to a legal drug will lower IQ levels in those who choose to take the risk. Why would anyone want this? To tell young children that tobacco is bad, yet cannabis is good? Actions, as well as substances are often made and kept illegal for a reason; there is more harm to be incurred then benefits gained.

One other person who thinks marijuana legalization will be positive says “If marijuana were legal and regulated, it would have to be properly labelled.” It is a rather fantastic claim to make, which lacks the objective evidence to support it. Many legal, regulated drugs on the other hands are still abused, with smart, educated people overdosing on painkillers, antidepressants and more for an array of reasons. Regulating something doesn’t increase people’s perceptions towards something. If you only allowed people to order one meal at a fast food joint, they’d eat the meal, and then move onto the next restaurant. Marijuana users would use as much of the drug as possible to try achieve the pleasure which they are seeking.

What about the taxes which will be generated? People say this will be good for the community? Will it now? They often forget the millions of dollars on health expenses which are used on people who smoke marijuana; all the police time which is used on fighting the selfish habits of cannabis smokers? A society that can refrain from using illegal drugs like cannabis will free up enormous cash flows which can be better utilized in more efficient ventures. I really don’t believe taxing cannabis users for a selfish habit will do any good for anyone, mainly because it doesn’t discourage people from using this powerful, mind altering substance.

I do not see any positives which come from warping your mind, so why should we legally encourage it?