Car Dealer Loans why they are a Bad Idea

Car loans from car dealerships are risky at best, and should be avoided if other options are present. Borrowing through a car dealership gives the dealer control over the finance details, including the interest rate of the loan.

My car loan came through the dealership but the loan itself was from Ford. The interest on the loan and was only 1% (a special offer). That loan lowered my monthly payments substantially. However, if you allow the car dealer to pick your finance options through banks, you are stuck with whatever interest rate you are given. Is the car dealer looking out for your interest? Once a sale is made, the care dealer wants to move you out as quickly as possible.

Another thing to consider is that when the dealer makes several inquiries to different banks to obtain a loan, the banks make inquiries to your credit worthiness. When inquiries are made to Experian, Equifax or TransUnion credit history entities, multiple inquiries place a negative mark on your credit report.

Finance options come through credit unions that have lower lending rates for their members or through the car manufacturers or your own bank. Your own bank will probably give you a better rate than the dealership options.

Special offers of finance can be found on the Internet. I’m not saying you should borrow from a different state, but within your locality, you can find special offers and options that will save you money.

Only if you have no other choice, should you allow the car dealer to pick your car loan.