Car Insurance Company Reviews Progressive

Progressive auto insurance is the third largest automobile insurance company in the United States, however numerous consumer reports exist illustrating the company’s insurance is not worthwhile both in terms of customer service and accident claims redemption. Despite the many consumer complaints against this company progressive auto insurance does have certain features and aspects that may benefit certain vehicle owners. This article will outline some of the consumer complaints about progressive in addition to illustrating advantages and further disadvantages of progressive.

*Consumer Concerns:

According to a survey performed by, several clients of progressive reported the same problem. Specifically, the company failed to meet expectations in the event of an accident. These failed expectations took the form of lower than appraised value for vehicle repair to no payment whatsoever. In addition to the reviews presented by are additional reviews by in which still more customers and/or ex-customers of progressive reported similar problems in addition to customer service complaints. While both these surveys are not complete samples of all Progressive’s customers, there is a significant pattern that may be worth considering.

*Advantages of Progressive:

Progressive is an old and established auto company that benefits drivers who don’t get into accidents via its competitive and in some cases low insurance costs. The company has a nationwide system of auto claims specialists who effectively process and respond to claims made by auto insurance policy holders. Progressive attests to principles of integrity, and excellence despite the numerous negative consumer reports stating otherwise. Other advantages of progressive include the following:

*Online rate comparisons
*Internet services such as bill paying, vehicle and personal information updates.
*Physical as well as telephone access to insurance policies.
*Additional insurance products including homeowners, and other mobile machines.
*Environmentally friendly corporate policy.

*Disadvantages of Progressive:

Even though Progressive claims to have agents throughout the country, many of these agents are not a part of progressive franchises as is the case with auto insurance providers such as State Farm. Contrarily, progressive agents are in many cases independent agents who offer progressive insurance through their private companies. Issues such as middle man fees, third party delays and variance in customer service may have the potential to crop up via this physical network of agents.

In summary, progressive insurance has an excellent online presence and features in addition to competitive if not better than average auto insurance rates. However, in terms of advertising, quality of service and claims processing, Progressive auto insurance may not stack up as well as auto insurance providers such as State Farm and Geico. In the case of parked or non-driven vehicles, progressive may be the right choice due to its competitive rates. However, in light of this review and the contents contained herein, it may be advisable to research this company sufficiently before choosing them as an auto insurance provider for actively driven vehicles.