Car Insurance Reviews Geico

Geico Corporation auto insurance is one of several large national auto insurance companies with standardized nationwide service, effective marketing campaigns, and a mass appeal approach to customer satisfaction. What Geico may not have in personal touch, it can make up for in consistent service. This article illustrates the various aspects of Geico auto insurance in terms of advertising, service, cost and comparison.

Distinguishing between Advertising and Service:

There is no doubt Geico has effective advertising. Geico auto insurance has mass appeal due to its highly effective advertising campaign involving the Geico gecko, the “I just saved a whole lot of money on car insurance” ads, the switcheroo commercials, and the Geico cave men with identity issues. These commercials and advertisements draw a lot of attention, but may be compensation for an overly standardized and less than personal claims process.

Geico: Service and Standards:

An advantage with Geico is that most if not all calls to them are routed through a standardized service nationwide. Geico representatives are trained to handle calls and claims using specific methods and protocols which effectively ensures consistent service no matter what city or state one is insured in. However, if one lives in a small town where everyone knows the insurance agents, the personalized service they are able to provide could outweigh Geico’s consistent nationwide service. Thus, Geico is a good insurance for a big city but not necessarily a smaller town.

Comparative Insurance Costs:

Geico is not always the first insurer to offer steep discounts to policy premiums. Geico may wait until a policy holder acquires a new contract with a competing company before picking up the phone to offer a better deal. Nevertheless, Geico has a wide range of discount incentives associated with driving habits and history, vehicle features, and educational background. Since the insurance business is quite competitive a little pro-action can get a policy holder competitive rates, but it may take a little pro-action to inform Geico of one’s new vehicle features and other potential discounts.

Other Geico Facts:

Geico is a public company that’s financial records are available for viewing through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The company was considered a stable enough business for billionaire investor Warren Buffett to take stock of it. Geico is an active corporate sponsor of a variety of health fundraisers regarding diseases such as Leukemia, Diabetes, Lupus, and Aids in addition to several other health related and children focused sponsorships.

In summary, Geico can be considered to be one of the United States’ top auto insurance providers in terms of scope, service, cost and size. Geico retains and satisfies customers in large metropolitan areas via its high quality nationwide telephone network of representatives and thus does not have the same local feel as some other insurance providers. Despite Geico’s slightly less in touch business model, Geico remains competitive through maintaining high standardization of insurance service, deliberate and aggressive advertising, in addition to a sound business model and community involvement.