Career Outlook on Financial Planning Jobs

Over the last few years, the financial world has had some very hard times and people have lost a lot of money, including a large group of retiring workers.  Financial planners have had a very difficult time as well as some of the most successful money managers have lost the value of their portfolios along with everybody else.  This may make financial planning jobs a relatively unappealing career track since there is no guarantee that people will have success in the near future.  Of course, some people may be interested in certain fields even if they are not guaranteed to do well financially.  There is also the issue of reputation, since many financial firms have gotten into trouble for mismanaging the funds of their clients.  With that in mind, here are a few thoughts on the career outlook of financial planning jobs.     

Bouncing back

What people have to keep in mind is that the market is likely to bounce back at some point.  Of course, no one knows when that will happen.  Historically, the stock market has had a number of downturns throughout history, but they have been followed by upswings.  Therefore, things may look rather dim in the near future and there may be more tough times.  However, there is also the possibility that financial planning could return to a field of prominence, particularly if the markets rebound and people start making money again.  Of course, timing these increases in the financial market will always be difficult. 

Making tough decision

The other major factor in financial planning is that some people will always be uncomfortable doing their own financial planning and people will always need help with basic budgeting and money management.  Picking stocks and funds can be complex, and some people would much rather leave the details to someone else.  In addition, some people need structure when it comes to managing their money on a monthly basis.  Therefore, it is likely that financial planners will always have a role in today’s modern society.  Work for financial planners may also increase over time since so many people get themselves into consumer debt through the use of credit cards.  When people get into trouble, they sometimes seek help from professionals that they hope can get them out of trouble.  Therefore, financial planning may be a career that has some definitive ebbs and flows, but money will always be an issue for some people and some individuals will always need a bit of help.