Castle Doctrine Giving Law Abiding Citizens right to Shoot Criminals

Crime is rampant throughout the United States and states are taking notice that innocent people need to protect themselves. I’m glad to see that law-abiding citizens can protect themselves from criminals that bring terror and fear to people within their own homes and vehicles.

The Castle Doctrine focuses on laws that give law-abiding citizens the right to shoot anyone entering their home with the purpose of robbing or harming them or their family. All I can say it’s about time the government quit catering to criminals and allow people to defend themselves.

One big piece of the Castle Doctrine is that families of criminals can not sue if their family member is injured or killed while their trying to commit a crime. However, we have Liberal groups that refer to the Castle Doctrine as a right to murder, but I disagree because any law-abiding citizens shouldn’t need to run in their own house or give up their belongings they work so hard for in this life.
The Castle Doctrine will over time in my opinion decrease robberies and break-ins due to the fact that homeowners now have the right to shoot without the fear of prosecution. The criminal courts are not doing their job by locking criminals up.
I’m all for citizens rights to carry a gun as long as they complete training and apply for a concealed weapons permit. However, the laws for carrying a weapon are so strict that basically you can carry the gun in your car and home. This is due to a law stating that you can’t carry a gun on government property, anywhere alcohol is served, school grounds, or anywhere a sign is posted stating no guns allowed.

The National Rifle Association is a strong supporter of the Castle Doctrine and citizen’s rights to own, carry, and buy guns. They encourage citizens to write their political representatives to support or vote against certain laws that our being introduced into legislative sessions.

Remember, the Castle Doctrine is designed for all law-abiding citizens. I encourage everyone to obtain gun training before attempting to buy a gun. Also, if you own guns please lock them up from children because I’m tired of reading how a child got a gun and shot someone in an accidental shooting. If you fear crime in any manner please consider applying for a concealed weapons permit and start protecting yourself and family. You shouldn’t live in fear of crime because life is short, so live free and protect yourself.

Government officials make me laugh how they try to implement gun laws that only create problems for law-abiding citizens. What they don’t realize is that criminals will get guns no matter what law is in place. So quit catering to criminals and implement the Castle Doctrine in your state.

Criminals beware because law-abiding citizens are tired of living in fear and now they taking their own safety into their own hands.