Cell Phones and Driving don’t go together – No

This question will soon be extinct….

A recent study in the news recently has shown that talking on the cell phone is even more dangerous than drinking and driving!  That is just an amazing statistic, but we shouldn’t be that surprised about it.  Have you ever been driving behind or near someone who’s talking on their cell-phone?  It’s quite annoying, isn’t it? 

Recently, I was driving behind someone who was yapping away in the left-hand lane on the highway completely oblivious to their surroundings.  Not only were they not keeping up with the posted speed limits, they were swerving all over the place.  My first thought was that I was behind a drunk driver, so I made a move to stay clear.  But I couldn’t, as I was boxed in from the other lanes.  The next thing I know is that a line of vehicles were stacking up behind me, flashing their lights and beeping their horns because this moron in front of me was too involved in a conversation and ignoring what she was doing, which was driving a killing machine!  After a driver in the other lane intentionally swerved close to her to get her attention, she finally moved over.  This is just one example of a road rage incident just about ready to blow!

What can be done about this incessant need to talk on the cell phone while driving?  Didn’t we all get by before this infernal invention?  Sure, it’s nice to have a cell phone for emergencies in the car, and I keep one myself.  But to talk on it constantly while driving has been shown to be very, very dangerous!  Even hands-free cell-phones aren’t much better, studies have found.  The reason is that the driver’s concentration is split between talking and driving, and it seems that the conversation is winning.  For instance, someone is talking on the phone to their husband or wife and gets a shocking piece of news, what happens?  All of their concentration is on the conversation and not on the road, that’s what!  This has danger written all over it, and it needs to stop.

Whether we like it or not, all states need to make talking on the cell-phone and driving illegal.  I hate too many laws just as much as the next guy, but it seems this is one law we all need to keep our safety on the road.  As usual, a good thing comes along and people abuse it.  Now everyone suffers because a few bad apples insist on holding a summit conference while driving down the road.  People never change……