Chase General Purpose Credit Cards and their use

In this article, I want to briefly state the outstanding attributes, of the 11, currently available, Chase General Purpose Cards. Knowing that, let us look into the great deals and superior service the 11 cards offer. You are sure to view a card with the purchasing power you want, if you are searching for a general purpose credit card.

We begin with the Chase Freedom Cash Visa Card. With the Chase Freedom Cash Visa Card you will get 3% cash back every time you use the card for eligible gas, grocery, and fast service restaurant purchases. You will also receive 1% cash back for every dollar spent on purchases other than the previously mentioned. The card has no annual fee and also has a rewards switch program which allows you to convert you cash to points so you may take your rewards with you. Two cousin cards to the Freedom Cash Visa Card are the Chase Freedom Points MasterCard and the Freedom Points Visa. These two cards have identical benefits to the Freedom Cash Visa Card; however you earn triple points when you use these two cards at eligible gas, grocery, and fast service restaurants.
Plus, you can switch your points to cash if you prefer cash over points.

Next, there is the Chase Flexible Rewards Card, which lets you choose your reward, while allowing you to earn 1 point for every eligible purchase you make with the card. There is no annual fee and you can start redeeming points after you have 1000. Following the Flexible Rewards Card, is the Chase Flexible Rewards Select Card. With this card you earn a point for each dollar purchase. However, with the Flexible Select card you may use your points for travel, merchandise, gift cards or 1.5% cash back. You are allowed to earn unlimited points with the card, that do not expire, and at 2000 points you may redeem you earnings for rewards.

For the next 5 cards, we will start with the Chase Free Cash Rewards Platinum Visa Card. This great card makes every dollar count at millions of locations around the world. Every time you reach 2500 points, you get to redeem the points for a $25 gift card or a $25 check. That is a full, and very satisfying, 1% cash back on every $2500 in purchases you make. If you are looking for cash rebates on gasoline, while allowing yourself to pick the gas station of your choice, consider the Chase PerfectCard Platinum MasterCard. You earn cash rebates everywhere and they are automatically credited to your monthly statement. Our next 3 cards in this section share the same features. They are the Chase Platinum MasterCard, The Chase Platinum Visa and Chase Stars and Stripes. With these 3 great cards you can manage your account online, giving you the ability to check monthly statements, access card info, and pay you bills, all without having to pay an annual fee.

Our last two cards are the Chase Travel Plus Rewards Card and The Check Gallery Platinum Visa Card. Using the Travel Plus Rewards Card, your purchases earn miles that can redeemed for travel rewards including cruises, airline tickets, hotel stays and car rentals. You may travel nationally or internationally with no blackout dates. If you like to pick from a variety of over 20 cards with platinum visa rewards and benefits, then the Check Gallery Platinum Visa Card is for you. Express your individuality when you choose card designs such as flowers, scenic views, smiley faces, cowboys or more.

There is no doubt about it; Chase offers great general purpose credit cards that are exceptionally versatile and powerful. The rewards, bonuses and benefits are among the best offered through credit card banks. So, when you do your next credit card search, do not forget the Chase Bank general purpose cards. These cards put serious spending power under your control.