Cheap Ways to Fight the Cold

Keeping your home warm this winter can be a very expensive proposition. Fuel prices have sky rocketed and it is getting to the point where some people are having to choose between being warm and being fed . It doesn’t have to come to that. There are still some affordable ways to warm a home during the winter. 

Keep the cold out

One of the most important things that you can do to keep your house warm is to keep the cold out. What that means is checking the insulation that you have to be sure that you have the recommended amount. This can be in the attic, between the walls and even below the floors. It is relatively inexpensive to add additional insulation and the rewards are substantial. Another place where the cold can be entering is around the windows and doors. Windows can be enclosed with a plastic seal. These can be applied with a hairdryer or with tape and are temporary. They can easily be removed in the spring.

Additionally, caulking and weather stripping are great ways to keep the cold out and the heat in this winter. The cost to do this is minimal. Look for any place in your home including vents, where the cold can enter and the heat escape.

Compare prices

The majority of people use oil, gas or electricity to heat their home. The price differences between these different fuels can be quite substantial. Do some comparison shopping. Check not only the current price of the fuel you are using but the historic prices over the last five years. Once you have done that,  comparison shop. Not all dealers charge the same price. Some offer discounts to selected groups, consider joining in with one of these groups to get their group rate. Also if you are using electricity, check the rates among the different suppliers, there are some that are considerably cheaper than others. You do have the right to get your power from the cheapest provider. Don’t hesitate to ask your fuel dealer if they offer any discounts, it could save you money.

Alternative fuel

If you own your own home, you have more options than if you rent a home or apartment. Depending on where you live, the price of burning coal or wood can be a real bargain and offers plenty of warmth. This will require that you have a stove or fireplace to use to burn the fuel and of course a chimney to get rid of the smoke. It is more work as the fires have to be tended regularly. You also need a place to store the coal and the wood needs to be cut and stacked. It can be hooked into your entire system and even heat your water for showers and baths.

It is possible to get free wood, it requires a little more effort but when people or cities and states are clearing areas they often give away the wood. Tell everyone you know that you are willing to clear away any free wood and who knows you may have more free fuel than you can even use.  

If you are not using propane, a propane heater that attaches to your wall can be a much less expensive way to heat your home than conventional fuel oil. There is a minimal amount of installation required. Space heaters can also allow you to turn the heat low in areas you are not using and heat the areas where you are with the heater.

Geothermal heating requires upfront expense. There is no avoiding the price of installing the system but it should be deductible on your income tax. Once you have installed the system it could save you as much as 50 percent off of what you are currently spending. It is a very green and affordable way to heat your home.

These are just a few of the affordable ways you can heat your home this winter. In the present economy, many people are willing to put more effort into getting and keeping their homes warm.