Child Rape and the Death Penalty – Wrong

In most cases those people that commit rape have progressed from something seemingly harmless such as flashing, or just watching other people. But something in that person’s mind set changes and it goes to the next level, rape and for a good majority of people that have taken that next step there will be more to follow. Just because someone is a rapist now, doesn’t mean that is all they will ever be. The chances are it will evolve into something even more sinister, kidnap, prolonged abuse and even murder.

So the question posed, should not be;

Do you believe that the Supreme Court was right in their decision that it would be cruel and unusual punishment to use the death penalty for a child rapist?’

But instead should be;

‘Do you believe that it is fair to allow child rapists that opportunity to indulge in their fantasies? And should the tax payer have to pay to look after such distasteful people?’

In my opinion the answer is No. Like any other criminal of the same or similar vein these people cannot be rehabilitated, paedophiles, child rapists and child killers do not get better. They may learn to hide the beast within but this is only to aid their release from prison. The fundamental issue that is wrong with these sorts of people cannot be fixed; they will always be a danger to children.

Surely as responsible adults it is our duty to protect the world’s children from such parasites, why waste money on prison costs to accommodate these people? Most of the world’s prisons are already too full, which really doesn’t say a great deal about our basic nature, so why add to it with people that will never be of any use to society. They will only ever view our children as potential prey, and speaking as a mother I would rather they fry than risk having such a monster anywhere near my child or anyone else’s for that matter.

The only stage of our lives when we are free and can truly enjoy life is during our childhood, any person who has been the victim of child rape has lost that, it has been stolen from them and no matter how hard they work it will be with them until they die. Some scars no matter how old never fully heal and the trauma caused by something as awful as being raped, can and most likely will haunt the individual for the rest of their lives.

Child rapists are no better, nor the crime any less than someone who has with deliberate intent killed another, and therefore they should be treated no differently within the justice system.