Child Services Hitler

The Hitler Renewal Project

That is what many refer to as the United States Government Child Protective Service Agency.

Maybe you have seen them in action? Bunch of young adults with the authority of God to lie in family courts to police and other associates who get paid to wrongfully remove children from their birth parents and they get paid plus extra incentive money for getting the parents rights terminated.

All low income parents are at risk. In better words if you cannot afford an attorney to fight for a couple years while the state requires you to quit your job despite court order, then your income is too low.

This Hitler renewal project is designed to do multiple things. Study the effects of parents and their children while under inflicted chronic stressors and crisis. Remove all rights of parents and their children. Keep the inner workings secrete from the public via court order. Manipulate the psych of young adults trained in the removal of children. Keep children separated from parents and reprogram all teenagers to follow the system, and assist in dividing the family unit.

Create a situation of childless parents effected by trauma. Create a situation of children effected by trauma. Allow these individuals to self-destruct or become victims of authority within the system resulting in death over the low income population. Deem survivors as a threat of safety.

Low income people may believe and fight for freedom. Parents may install these values into multiple children. To control the population and deny freedom to all Americans the low income population eliminated as a threat.

Those are the basics. Tactics and styles will continue to grow with the Hitler Renewal Project. Free spirited Americans are a high level threat to the communism and dictatorship of the United States.

Parents must not be able to afford housing, are not to work and receive income for such, they are not to go to college, they are not to have medical care, they are not to have children, they are not to have unity in family relatives or friends.

These parents are to be seen as a threat to America. Their children are in turn a threat to a dictated America. Unity of low income households that wish to keep freedom in America are a threat to the government dictatorship. 

All terminations of parental rights are to be listed as the best interest of the child. This belief must be instilled in all children of freedom believing parents starting with the entire low income population. 

Reprogramming of Americans is successful through the psychological retraining program of adults and their children by any and all means necessary. See cult behaviors for complete instructions as a how to guide for all state social workers, court appointed attorneys, school officials, police, family court judges etc.