Child Sex Offenders do the Children have a Chance

She stood before the class quite proudly as she explained the plight of a five year old boy who’d been so brutally raped by his step-father that he’d had his rectum surgically rebuilt. She had gone to court for the five year old as an advocate.

As this “advocate” explained, the boy has been labeled a “perpetrator”.

He begins his life, with his rebuilt rectum and a label so sleazy, he will probably never wash it off.

It seems that during the course of this boy’s torture, by someone 5 times larger than he, the boy had turned to his sister.

Given the nature of the human being and the heinous effect of sexual abuse, coupled with the rank abuse by select teachers within the school system, not to mention various entities of society, I do not believe that the boy’s turning to his sister, sexually, warrants anything but an example of what can happen when a very young human being is sexually tortured.

Rather than look at the situation with a graduated understanding of human nature and stages of maturity, the boy is labeled a “perpetrator”.

Rather than attend to the children in a quiet manner, rather than teaching them that they are both victims and must re-learn appropriate touching, they will be deemed socially unacceptable. The boy deemed “perpetrator” and the girl deemed “victim who went along with it”.

What the boy did was not acceptable or moral. It was not a good reaction. At five years of age, most boys would have done the same. When young children are introduced to sex, they have to learn adult-sized self control. Becoming an adult requires a passing through of stages of emotional and intellectual and physical maturation. By labeling the boy a “perpetrator” he is in effect deemed an animal. His rights of passage are denied him. He is a victim of a child molester and he is a victim of a legal system. He is devalued. He was born to be used and the legal system will use him.

Very rarely can a child so young make logical and moral decisions in a situation where they are held hostage and so brutally raped that their genital has to be rebuilt.

So, in answer, no, the children do not have a chance.

This story is true and I was sitting in a Criminal Justice class when I heard of it, straight from the advocate’s mouth. I was nauseated and saddened. All I could think was, hopefully the boy will end up with people who won’t further victimize him. Hopefully there will be adults in his life who will teach him true self esteem and his value as a human being. Hopefully he will not have the sociopathic desires which have nearly destroyed him.

There are alot of people within the system who are doing what they can to normalize and make acceptable the sexual abuse of children. Both men and women. By calling a five year old a “perpetrator”, they are in essence blaming the unmatured for what was done to him by the mature. And while you can argue that the real perpetrator, the man who raped the boy was lacking maturity, you in essence say that the boy was more at fault than the man with your logic. The boy should have known better than to sexually experiment with his sister? He is held to higher standards than the man who raped him.

That is Jim Crow residual insanity. It never is the man’s fault. The perpetrator couldn’t help himself and that five year old punk just “backed up on it”.

Sexual abuse in Oklahoma is nearly always blamed on the victim or the nearest woman. Rarely is it called what it is. Not to say that women don’t sexually abuse children, because they will.

We call their victims lesbians.