Child Sex Offenders do the Children have a Chance

The Punishment Must Fit the Crime

It is not just the legal system in the US that is failing our children,in the UK the system stinks! In the UK, the year ending March 2006 there were 62,081 sexual offenses committed.

In the UK there are currently 79,767 people in prison, with a further 1,775 places available and yet there are sex offenders wandering around in our communities preying upon our innocent little children! In January of this year it was reported that Police Forces across the UK ‘lost track’ of 322 registered sex-offenders!

Released sex offenders are supposed to be monitored by officials working under Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).

But according to the News of the World, registered sex offenders – including rapists and pedophiles – have used a loophole in the system allowing them to register vague addresses in order to disappear.

Last year, one pedophile who breached register conditions was allowed to give his address as “woods” after moving from “a tent near Guildford leisure centre”,

The Justice systems, the Governments , the Courts, Legal systems, Prisons, Presidents, Prime Ministers and even the Monarchy are failing Our Worlds Children.

Child abuse, child murder, child abduction, child trafficking, child neglect… Is a Global Problem and the ‘powers that be’ in their big wigs are not doing what they should be doing, and that is, addressing ALL crime against children as the Worst, most wicked, most evil crime that can possibly be committed and the Punishment MUST fit the crime!

When it comes to our children too many people are complacent that “It won’t happen to me”! Too many people are too trusting, even your neighbor could be dangerous.
People say “ooh you can’t wrap them up in cotton wool” well I’ve got news for them:
YES YOU CAN! You must protect your children to the hilt! They will grow up and do their own thing anyway so whilst they are children and in your care YOU MUST WRAP THEM UP in a safety-net of love and security. It only takes seconds to abduct a child but it is an eternity of pain when you have lost a loved one!

All offenders who commit a crime against a child should be punished by the parents. All child killers and pedophiles should be sentenced to ‘death by means of the parents’ and then the parents should be able to choose the method. These sick animals are allowed to wander freely amongst us. There has been a report of a case of the most sickest nature of child abuse that I have ever come across to date and the perpetrator of this crime against a one day old baby was sentenced to just Ten years in prison but then, even worse, he is to be released after just 12 months to serve the rest of his sentence on probation! He committed the most heinous crime against a one day old child and he is to be free to wander amongst us! It totally beggars belief!

Only a Mother can ever know the pain a Mother feels at the loss of her child. Only a Father can ever know the pain and anger a Father feels at the loss of his child.
Offenses against children are increasing, the world is becoming more and more dangerous. This can only be down to the lack of punishment, the lack of justice. There are many many sick individuals out there and there is no deterrent. They are ‘protected’ by their ‘human rights’! Yet there is no protection for the human rights of the victim. The victims life is blighted or taken away and that is irreversible.

What’s done is done and no-one can change that, but what we can change is the way we protect our children. We must not become complacent that ‘It won’t happen to me’
We must be more vigilant, more aware and most of all, more alert to what is happening around us. It is no good just turning a blind eye, that never saved any child! If we see someone acting/behaving oddly we must report them. If we hear a whisper that “so-and-so down the road beats his kids” we must not ignore this information, we must act immediately and contact the authorities, if we are wrong then we are wrong but at least we will have made sure we were wrong, if we are right then we definitely did the right thing.

People must open their eyes to what is happening to our children, to other peoples children. There are so many children suffering and there are very few people looking out for them. So many children are treated as worthless when in fact they are our little kings and queens of the future, they are our leaders of the future, our children are Our most precious purpose and we all have a duty to protect them.