Children Guaranteed Health and Dental Coverage – Yes

Of course, children and students should have a guarantee of equal, if not better health and dental coverage than prisoners.

All my life I could think of no greater place on earth to live other then the United States of America. I have always seen such beautiful pictures of other parts of the world, but truth be told, I have never wanted to visit other places. I truly believe that God placed me in United States of America because here is where I belong. Nevertheless, I do have major disagreements with our government and this subject is in in my top three.

Since I first begun to try to understand the running of the government and its treatment of prisoners, I have not understood! I understand that career criminal prisoners have to get humane treatment, and this includes medical attention. I do understand that many are there because of inhumane treatment they has case upon others. I do not understand how a person, whom is in jail for one crime or another, can get better medical attention than a person whom is trying to be a productive citizen. I do not understand how a person whom is in prison for taking a live can get better medical than a student whom is trying to find a cure for AIDS.

I have heard many people whom jokingly say that they would be better off if they were a criminal. This I because many people work hard every day and they are forced through tax dollars to care for criminals and they cannot afford to get their children a cap on a broken tooth. Tax dollars will pay for John Doe blood pressure medicine after he is convicted of sexually misconduct of a child, but my tax dollars will not pay for, the could be, next district attorney diabetic medicine. This makes many people believe that in order to receive the benefits of the government you would have to be a criminal in a prison.

Little Jane has missed several days of school in one month because of one ailment or another, which her working parents could not afford proper medical attention at the time (you know many of us live paycheck to paycheck). On the other hand John Doe whom have never worked a day in his life and has two murder charges on his name, is now studying for his GED and learning computer skills and does not miss a class for ailments at no time. How can a system of such even exist in our society?

Should children and students be guaranteed government health and dental coverage equal to what prisoners receive? No, they should have better coverage than those people whom have chosen not to be productive members of our society. Children and students should be receiving top of the line health and dental care because they are our future and because I am tired of my tax dollars being use to help people whom have no interest of being productive or helping our society grow.

Let us stop putting our children on the back burner and maybe we can lower the numbers in our prisons.