Choosing trustworthy charities

Trustworthy charities and organizations are out there and most of them are honorable, but beware of the misfits among the bunch. Finding those with actions that absolutely live up to their claims is sometimes hard to do. But when they do, it puts them at the top of the list. That is what makes them rise above the others. The second choice we want to make is finding one that addresses our concerns, whether it is poverty, disease, social reform or something else.

One of the largest nonprofit organizations that feed hungry children call themselves just that, Feed the Children. This charity grew out of Larry and Francis Jones’ desire to feed hungry children in 1979 and started, most appropriately, in their own kitchen. Now their small beginning has morphed into a large international charity that indeed feeds the world’s hungry here in all fifty states and in 118 other countries.

Feed the Hungry started when Jones attended a conference in 1979 in Port Au Prince, Haiti and saw poverty like he had never seen before; and he had seen poverty. He grew up in Kentucky and whether or not he knew it personally, he knew of it. Coming home he talked to others and spread the word about the need to help feed these starving children. He was convincing and knew how to get others involved. But most of all, he could not understand how the government could stockpile so much wheat when so many children the world over were starving. His way worked; he started the ball rolling and got others involved in feeding hungry children.

Born in Scottsville, Kentucky, Jones grew up in Bowling Green Kentucky and because of his basketball skills, attended the University of Oklahoma on a scholarship. There he met his wife Francis Hackler who grew up in Arkansas. After graduation, he went on to Enid, Oklahoma to further his education at Philips Seminary where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Divinity in 1967. The rest of their story is history and is being acted out daily all over the world. This charity is strictly non-governmental and is run by donations.

Aside from the wonderful humanitarian work being done, Jones has received numerous awards both here in the United States and abroad. He has written many books. His latest, a good swap, is called, I lost My Ball and Found my Life. Jones is still busy and can be followed on Twitter. His wife and partner is likewise busy and devotes her life to humanitarian causes. They have two children. In 2001, the Francis Jones Abandoned Baby Center opened in Nairobi, Kenya. Many babies are need of care because of AIDS. She too is acclaimed and has many citations for her benevolence and has written six books.

Both National and International Feed the Children operations are headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Check them out online to find out you can get involved. It takes only a little bit of time to think about these starving children and if the only way we can help is with a dollar here and a dollar there, which is the same as a thousand dollars to the rich. When you give of what you have that is important to you, that starts something good somewhere else. If you give out of your excess accumulations and it is not a sacrifice, can it compare to a piece of bread or a glass of milk to someone starving?

Other ways of finding out which charitable organizations are living up to claims is to check them out on-line, review their past performance, assess their flawless reputations and their priority of needs. As an example, Red Cross is unquestionably doing its job of being there when disaster strikes. There are few questions about donating to them. Many of us have been on the receiving ends from floods, tornadoes and other disasters and were glad for their help. Another organization that we can give to without reservation is The American Cancer Association. Yet beyond these, what about those that feed hungry children such as Feed the Hungry. That must be a top on our priority list. Who started that one and when did it start? Charity Navigator and the IRS’ charity search are a couple of places to start investigating.

You don’t have to give to this organization; Larry and Francis are out to feed the hungry world. They are not in competition to see how much they can give; they only want no one to go hungry. Give to the Salvation Army, the homeless shelter nearest you and it will be the same thing. If you don’t have money, share your time. Help serve dinner at some charitable place. You will be rewarded.