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“Desperately Trying to Connect the Occupy Wall Street Movement to the Cause of Chris Diaz”

“I foresee quite a struggle coming before they concede defeat and lack of purpose to going further.”—wrabbit2000, commenting on the notion of the powerful Occupy Wall Street Movement losing momentum due to a lack of actionable items.

The power of the Occupy Wall Street movement is not that they have a great plan to help this country out, but that the point they make about 1% ruling the world is a troubling fact that no one can deny; a fact that builds tremendous, passionate uproar inside that we are in Hell. But the question is: how can we get out?

It does not appear that the Occupy Wall Street Movement has a tangible answer to this all important question. So, even though they have the most noble message possible, people eventually sigh and move on, shaking their head, perhaps if anything feeling more powerless than before and thus making their whole effort counterproductive. We dredged up all of this divine energy and could find no purchase for it? They could find no cause to point to, to identify as one of the examples of the horrors of this system they claim is Hell? Other than conjecture, where was their human evidence?

I give you Chris Diaz. If you have not heard, he is the asthma sufferer with a medical marijuana card from California who brought his medicine home to Texas. Since Texas does not recognize medical marijuana cards, they charged him with what they found: fourteen grams of medical marijuana and hash. He is charged with possession with intent to deliver and faces a possible life sentence.

Now let us please remember that this 1% that controls the world is selling us alcohol and not marijuana. The movement is changing as people realize it needs real focus and if they are willing to view this marijuana law as an extension of the plan to “repeat the status quo indefinitely” then the energy is already there for change. This could be their specific instance.

The Diaz case just came to light and has tremendous support of its own. This is not some dusty old case from the sixties here; this young man just got locked up a matter of weeks ago. You cannot claim this movement will not catch fire when it is so early. Can you imagine if Howard Stern heard about the Chris Diaz situation? It just has to reach the right ears, which can be tough in these corporate media controlled times. These two movements can be married to great effect and in fact I posit that if the Occupy Wall Street movement is too blind to make this connection that it is headed for extinction.

It will take a very open mind on the part of OWS with regard to allowing people the freedom to do a drug that many of them do not like but if they do not have even THAT much tolerance for difference, then they are hypocrites not worth listening to anyway and if they cannot comprehend that this is a symptom of the disease they purport to hate, then they are morons to boot. I do not think people with such a noble message are morons, so I hope they see the light on this one. I respect them as of now but every individual one of them who I place this idea before that rejects it, will lose all of my respect instantly to the point where I would one day look back and mock them. That is how it should be for everyone behind the Diaz cause.

And if they claim they want to “focus on the bigger picture than Chris Diaz”, then they know nothing about marketing, because in this world you do not tap emotions by concepts but with specifics. This man’s life is on the line. So here is their chance and I hope I can, through this site and essay, put the notion out there that these two movements were born to become connected as one. If not, then it is OWS that I hope fails, because honestly I do not think they even have a plan while the Chris Diaz Movement seeks to legalize marijuana, free Chris from the box and start a healing process forward for this country.

And with Obama at 40% and the competition even lower while a pro marijuana Ron Paul runs for office, and with all the “2012 energy for change” hanging thick in the air, now is the time to strike. Perhaps the rumors I have read that the OWS movement was already getting behind Ron Paul are all the further proof that they were leaning in the direction of taking up the Diaz cause directly already. I just hope like Hell they make the connection before they lose their opportunity, because in this reality timing is everything and if they want change they have to act now.

Make the damned connection! Change the sign and location but keep the energy! What the hell else were you going to do with your lives? We are the 99% and all 99% of us want Chris out of the box! Unify on this or you will not be unified for long, I promise you that much!