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Even it’s name is ominous: Black Friday.  Many people despise the chaotic state of the stores the day after Thanksgiving. The best deals of the year can be found on this day, but is it really worth the deals when people are slamming their carts into you at 5 am? It’s the time of giving and goodwill, but shopping in the wee hours of Black Friday is stressful. But don’t despair, there are many ways to take advantage of great deals without losing your mind.


Sorting through Sunday advertisements may be time consuming, but comparing advertised deals will save you money in the long run. Some department stores offer great coupons that will save you money off of your entire purchase and may save you more that what seemed to be a better deal at another store. Don’t forget to cross-reference the online prices with the in-store prices for the same product. Some stores offer the same product for a different price online than they do in their stores. To avoid shipping costs, see if they offer delivery to their store, closest to you, for free. Many stores, such as Walmart price match from competitor’s ads.


Shopping online has become very common, but there are tips and tricks to getting the best deals. Luckily, there are websites such as Bradsdeals and Ebates that can help maximize your savings. Bradsdeals is a great place to find online and printable coupons. Ebates is a site that allows to find great rebates on your purchases. There are other sites such as Mypoints that you can use to collect points for gift cards to your favorite stores.


If you live in a suburban or rural community, gas may be a factor. Shopping at one store may seem more costly, but if you are having to travel several miles between stores to get the best deal, you are wasting not only your gas, but your time as well. Limiting your shopping trips to one or two places and having a detailed list ready will help save you time and money.

On the surface, holiday shopping can be stressful and intimidating it, but doesn’t have to be. The holidays are about embracing the relationships that are important in our lives, not a competition. Every store is competing for your dollar and it is up to you how to spend it.