Civilians Soldiers and the Rules of War

A soldier in todays Army love their country as did our forefathers. The Geneva Convention which is the treaty we soldiers uphold or (NATO). It came about in 1859 after the battle of Solferino. The atrocities that occurred there prompted a world organization that met in Geneva, Switzerland. This is where the RED CROSS was developed which is one of our rules; not to fire on medics treating wounded on the battlefield. The first Convention in 1863 and it basically covered the RED CROSS emblem as off limits (Gentleman’s Warfare). The Second Covered the treatment of shipwrecked or stranded at sea sailors, The third covered the treatment of Prisoners of War (1929). Remember most of the engagements are between Countries of Europe, War by their own rules. The fourth Convention comprised the civilian protection, and considerations on the battlefield. This was 1949 and So far We layed out 4 main rules in a Gentleman’s war, protect the wounded and Medical, Pick up the Sailors that survive the ship you just blew up, Humane treatment of prisoners and fourth to protect Innocent civilians. The agreements made are ratified all the time. In Somalia the Somali’s fired weapons between the legs of women holding children. I have 2 babies, and I love My Country, and Im coming home. Rules are given to soldiers based on there mission an ROE a rules of engagement. As a Scout my ROE was tight, They don’t issue us common sense but if I’m on a white tight mission and that means no fire for whatever reason. Another Rule by doctrine says break contact. That means fire while moving to better cover.

NO Soldier wants to take a life for no reason. Yes, we do have a few of them around but as long as they don’t they aren’t criminals yet. These countries don’t follow our good war nature. We don’t even fight on battlefields anymore. Sorry If your a civilian amongst a firefight get the hell out! As far as I’m concerned the US is the only country who actually treat POWS humanely. The pictures of the chick with a cigarette in her mouth pointing at a prisoners wiener ain’t crap, o.k.
Its not like they were shoving broom handles up his ass. There’s another topic about that (what its like to be a prisoner).