Civilians Soldiers and the Rules of War

The rules of war? I have always thought that when we went to war it was to defend our country from the cruel acts that had been put upon us.! Oh now it is different with this one, but why ? I am a very proud military spouse and yes my husband has went to fight this war in Iraq and to protect us. Only there is so much that they do not tell you when you are gearing up to go defend America… You have to be shot at before you can return fire! Did these same people get blown up before they blew up the twin towers or the planes that went down,did our wives, husbands, kids and loved ones get the chance to have been approached before they fell to there deaths on 9-11. No! they did not but, now intentionally they take our guys to the country responsible for this act of hatred and say you are here to defend America; but, you have to be shot at before you are allowed to do so. What is this? And now they don’t want to support the guys that are dieing daily so that they can sit in their air-conditioned offices and say they do not want to send them help or that they want to with drawl out troops because we should not be there.. Come on people this is America and we need to get the pride of our forefather’s back and make a stand. To with drawl from Iraq would be so degrading to the men and women that have given there lives for us to stand back and let this happen. We as Americans know that if this with-drawl and not sending troops to help the ones that are there now happens, we have failed not only the ones that died on 9-11 but the ones that have died in the battle to stop terrorism, we have failed ourselves as Americans. Because by doing any of these things we are telling everyone that we are week and that we do not stand behind what we believe and say, and most of all we are failing the men and women in uniform that have given there day to day lives to protect and serve the country that sent them in harms way. I would not want to know that my husbands life and that of many of others mean that little to a few people in the higher office of our country. The men and women in those offices are put there for the better of our country and then to know they are nothing but cowards that think very little of moral values and lives then this. This is what our country has came to in my life time I hope that someone will intervene and change things soon so that my kids and grandkids will have a fighting chance at what is suppose to be The land of the free. What a joke, is anyone willing to say something and speak up and be heard?