Civilians Soldiers and the Rules of War

there is a travisty that is happening in the united states that i think that we should all be aware of. and that is the men and women that are in the armed forces that have lost all the protection of our government. we sent these men and women over to another country to fight a war and we don’t train them to the best of our abilities. and then when these people come back from fighting for our freedom and they are hurt either physically or mentally we throw them away. there are people that have spent their lives serving us and we just say after a career of 20 some odd years here you go here is your pension and you are out the door. we no longer care about you or the things that you have done to protect our freedom. there are soldiers that have put their lives on the line that are living on the street because there was no one and no programs to help them assimalate into the civilian culture that we demanded that they leave behind to fight for us. we are a country that asks people to join and yet we don’t thank them when they have. we through them out and say goodbye. why is it in this great country that the deeds that we do and the prices that these people pay for the good of this country go not only unrewarded but punished. there are children that we say here you go you are 18 you can go and learn to fight that are putting it on the line for people like you and i so that the freedoms that we hold dear…… like being able to sit at your computer and type what you want and there is nothing that the govenrment can really do to censor you. the freedom of speech, to bear arms, the right to a fair trial why is it that we forget all of that and say good luck. there should be some fail safe to protect these soldiers AFTER ALL THEY PROTECTED US. why are we letting the government cut funding to retirees and to cut medical? Why are there no fail safes to provide jobs and make sure that we thank them with the ablities to function in the rest of society? when will we stand up and say no more that they deserve better?