Clever Tips to Save Money on Disney Souvenirs

For most kids, being in Disney is a dream come true. After all, it is not everyday that they get to see Mickey Mouse and the gang live. It is not always that they would experience the magic and fascination that this theme park has to offer.

Bringing the kids to the House of Mouse can surely be a wondrous experience but it can also get quite expensive. From the park admission tickets to the food and drinks to the souvenirs, prices are way up high that you should expect most of your travel budget to be gone in just a few days.

Buying souvenirs can especially be expensive because your kids would definitely want you to keep buying them things that would remind them of this happy trip. Before you know it, your funds are depleted! Do not let this happen to you. Here are some clever tips on how to save money on Disney souvenirs.

Have them buy souvenirs during the last day

Prior to the trip, talk to your kids about souvenir shopping rules. Tell them that they would only be allowed to buy souvenirs during the last day of the trip. They can look all they want during the first few days but it would only be during the last day that they would only be able to buy what they want to take home. This would enable you to save money because instead of buying several souvenirs each day, they would only buy a few on the last day of the trip.

Opt for discounted souvenirs

Roam around the theme park and you would surely find souvenirs sold for a discounted price. Don’t buy the first things that you see because sure enough, you would be able to find something that comes at a much cheaper price.

Buy practical souvenirs

Buy souvenirs that serve a practical purpose so that your money won’t go into waste. For example, instead of Mickey Mouse figurine, it would be better to buy a Mickey Mouse bottle opener.

Shop at merchandise outlets outside the theme park

Right outside the theme park, there are merchandise outlets that sell practically the same items like the ones you’ll find inside. You’ll be glad to find out how much the price discrepancy is.

Skip the souvenirs altogether

If possible, skip the souvenir shopping completely. After all, the photographs and memories you have made in the theme park are more than enough souvenirs.