Coca Cola and Pepsi Stock Analysis 2012 2013

Coca Cola is universally known as one of the most famous drinks in the world. A uniquely tasting drink, Coca Cola has been a favourite all over the world for generations. Now, as Coca Cola celebrates its 125th year in the world, the company is growing bigger and stronger than ever with a seemingly effortless grip on the market. As of 2012, it seems that the battle between Pepsi and Coca Cola is over for now, especially as far as recent earning reports and stock analysis goes.

In early 2012, Coca Cola announced that it had made huge profits and that its company growth was incredible. Pepsi however announced major losses and announced that by 2014, their company, which is behind such other drinks as Pepsi cola, diet Pepsi, Gatorade and Mountain Dew, would be axing an astonishing 8,700 employees in cost cutting measures which would effectively save the company a vast amount of money, at least $1.5 billion per year. However, this move by Pepsi could affect their stock, and the stock of Coca Cola alike, as people see the move by Pepsi a slow and steady way to increase their stock and get back on track, which could in turn sway people away from the global giant, Coca Cola.

People that bought into Coca Cola stock in 2011 and before 2011 were able to make a keen profit in 2012 as the company is simply stronger than ever. With huge profits, and with another widely successful year in 2012 as they celebrate their 25th anniversary, not to mention, another huge Christmas campaign due to debut on television within the next month, Coca Cola certainly has a lot to look forward to in terms of their stock growth in 2012, 2013 and beyond.

Coca Cola’s colors, the red and whites, have become synonymous with Christmastime. When the Coca Cola adverts hit the television screens each year, people all over the world know that Christmas is on its way. The annual Christmas campaign has actually been a fundamental contributor to Coca Cola’s continued growth and success in the stock market for many, many years.

After a strong 2011 year and an even stronger 2012, Coca Cola stocks will likely only continue to strengthen in value. However, with Pepsi creating a new cost-cutting strategy that aims to get their stocks back on track slowly and steadily, it is certainly a possibility that Coca Cola will have their rivals back on track within the next few years. For now however, Coca Cola company has a successful long-term stock analysis in 2012, 2013 and seemingly beyond as they continue to celebrate 125 years of market dominance.