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All unsolved murders are important. All the victims have families. Families need closure. The public has a right to know who it’s enemies are and more importantly, WHERE they are if they are not behind bars and barbed wire.

In the case of JonBenet closure is even more important. Her parents, Patsy and John, suffered years of being suspects. Her mother eventually died from cancer, still trying to prove her innocence. Was she innocent? We still do not know.

In this country, we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Patsy and John Ramsey were not given that right. They were presumed guilty because the murder occured in their home and there was no sign of forced entry. Two simple little facts.

The public seems to forget that a door lock can be picked in such a way that it does not break. Perhaps an intruder picked the lock, gained entry then locked the door when he left. Is that so hard to imagine? Because there was not a broken window, a kicked in door, it must have been an inside job, according to public opinion.

While the people of Boulder Colorado eased their minds by accepting Patsy and John as the killers, they were forgetting that if they weren ot the killers, there was one lurking among them.

Since JonBenet’s murder in her own home occurred, there have been dozens of children stolen from their own homes. Elizabeth Smart, for example. While her parents and sibling slept in the same house, as was the case of JonBenet, Elizabeth was kidnapped from her own home.

Jimmy Hoffa. Why do we need to know what happened to poor Jimmy? Because he didn’t kill himself, someone murdered him and we need to bring that person to justice. Most likely this will uncover a conspiracy, which is pretty important to discover.

Unsolved murders mean someone got away with murder. Personally, I don’t cherish the idea of living among murderers. I like them to be behind bars or better yet, sentenced to death so the taxpayers aren’t clothing, housing and tending to their needs such as food and healthcare.

The saying goes that there is no such thing as the perfect murder. Then why are there thousands of unsolved murders? More importantly, what can we do with cold cases? We need teams of specialists who’s only purpose is to come in when the case seems to have run cold. Putting fresh investigators on a case who may see something that was overlooked would seem to be the logical answer. Putting the documents in a box, labeling it COLD CASE, then leaving it on a shelf somewhere does not seem to be the right thing to do.