College Loans for Single Parents in Texas

Texas is a proud State and its higher education program is represented by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The board states that Texans have a vested interest in higher education to “ensure a prosperous future for our great State.” In line with this interest the board has produced an excellent website which is full of information for students within Texas to study before submitting their college applications. 

Single parent students in Texas should check through the State grants and scholarships listed to see if they are eligible for any of them. In addition the site includes a list of corporate scholarships and grants. In order to apply for Texas grants students need to complete and submit the standard FAFSA application, which also covers the application for federal student loans plus eligibility for the federal Pell grant.  The Texas Education grant is available to assist students from Texas who provide evidence of financial need.

In addition to grants Texas also allows a number of exemptions which are listed on the Higher Education Coordinating board site. Again the potential student should read through the categories to find out if they qualify for any of the exemptions which allow students to attend public colleges within Texas without paying fees.

For those who need further financial aid the standard course of action is to apply for federal student loans which are low cost fixed interest loans distributed by the federal department of education. For single parent students who fall into the low income category there is the federal Perkins student loan which is only available to those who demonstrate the greatest financial need. In addition to this there is the federal Stafford subsidized loan which is an excellent choice as the federal government makes the interest payments on the loan whilst the student attends college. Payments themselves are deferred until six months after graduation.

For students who are considering completing college and entering into public sector employment there are some excellent loan repayment schemes operating within Texas. The Teach for Texas loan repayment assistance program is very popular and recruits teachers for communities which have teaching shortages. The program is limited to five years at the most and pays up to $5000 per annum in student loan repayments.

In addition to the Teach for Texas Program there are other loan repayment programs for nursing, dentistry and health professionals, and the selection should be checked by interested students. Early application though is recommended as these programs are very popular and allow the student to reduce their debt burden whilst working in their chosen career, often in areas which fit in with running a family.

Additional information on grants and financial aid can be obtained from the financial aid officers at the colleges which you apply to. Texas does provide a good support network for students wishing to further their education within the state.