Colorado Auto Insurance

 Auto insurance is a benefit to the consumer, offering protection in the event of an auto accident. Auto insurance can help pay expenses such as doctor or hospital bills or car repairs.All registered vehicles in the state of Colorado must carry a minimum Liability insurance coverage on their vehicle at all times to remain compliant with the Colorado Financial Responsibility Act.

The minimum coverage is a basic policy that includes $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person involved in an auto accident, with a cap of $50,000 for 2 or more injured parties. The coverage also pays up to $15,000 in property damage caused by the accident. If the accident results in damages that exceed these amounts you are held responsible for covering the additional amounts. In addition to this Liability coverage, Colorado drivers must carry a minimum $5,000 Med-Pay(Medical Pay) coverage.Med-Pay covers costs of treatments for injuries whether the insured was at fault or not. As a safeguard additional insurance may be purchased offering better protection for you.

Collision coverage and uninsured motorists coverage are both recommended but not required policies for Colorado drivers. Collision coverage will cover the cost of repairs to your personal vehicle, and uninsured motorist coverage can protect you in the case of an accident with a motorist without the proper insurance requirements.  These, as well as other policies,can be added to the state required policies at any time for just a fraction more.

Failure to carry the required auto insurance on your vehicle is a criminal offense in Colorado.If you are caught driving without insurance, fines and jail rime can be the result. Din’t take any chance on losing your hard earned money or most precious freedom! Obtaining auto insurance is as simple as 1,2,3!

Many Web sites are available to offer multiple quotes at one time. Simply provide a few simple details about yourself and vehicle, and within minutes you can have quotes from all of the top rates insurance companies throughout Colorado. One recommended site for receiving multiple quotes is