Commentary Arrest of Dog the Bounty Hunter

As you may or not know Bounty Hunter, Duane “Dog” Chapman, his son Leland, and his brother Tim were arrested the morning of September 14, 2006. They were taken from their homes in front of their kids and other family members in cuffs and at gun-point. The odd thing that has shocked America to this day is why they were arrested; the answer is simple all because of one man, Andrew Luster.
In the year 2003, Andrew Luster, Max Factor heir left a little more than two weeks into his trial. Three women had accused him of 87 counts ranging from poisoning, to sexual battery, to rape. Authorities stated that Luster charmed his victims, drugged them, and then sexually assaulted them. Dog had received a tip that Luster was in Mexico, so he took matters into his own hands and boarded a plane with his son, brother, and two camera operators. After more than five months on the case, Chapman caught up with Luster in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a resort town of cheap drink specials, discos and American tourists. As the men wrestled Luster and piled into two trucks, local merchants had alerted police to the scuffle. On the way to take Luster to a more “safe place” they were stopped and arrested by Mexican police. In Mexico, kidnapping, of a fugitive or not, is an offense in which you can be arrested. All six men were detained.
The question here is still why, shouldn’t the Mexican government be happy and reward them for taking a rapist with a $10,000 reward off the streets? They should but instead they gave him and his family a jail cell for a week. It’s like saying, “oh well yeah you took him off the streets you are protecting our women and the women of the U.S. but we have our heads so far up our butt to understand” I actually think that’s what they should have said, because it’s the truth. Those men didn’t deserve to be put in jail then and they don’t deserve it now. Why would you even think about it? These men have helped so many people, just by putting them in jail. I bet the people he has captured are in there and praying to God thanking him for allowing Dog to find them, because know they can’t do drugs. He has done so much good in his life as a Bounty Hunter that no one else can compare to it. He has 6,000+ captures, and you want to put him away? What the heck are thinking this man is a legend; he can capture the foulest fugitive and then come home and be the greatest father in the world to his kids. You want to put that away?
Imagine what would happen to their families if they went away for four years. You expect them to just be sent away to a foreign country for a large amount of time and them come back and pick up the torn threads like nothing ever happened. That’s four years they would miss, that would be very hard on both the fathers and the children. Try doing that, all the people who want him gone try living in his shoes right now. Just think what you would do if you had to go to prison for four years and then come back to your kids and wife and act like nothing happened. It would be hard, right? Well now take off those shoes and look at the big picture Dog, Tim, and Leland have kids if they go away it would destroy what they have. Come on don’t you think it was tough enough when they didn’t get the money for Luster? The money they deserved. That was $1,010,000 combined a stake there don’t you think they could have used it for something good, like mace or better vests, something. But authorities go and act like big butt heads and say, “no, you got into trouble so you don’t get it” The insight of it is that they didn’t know. If the government would just understand that fugitives use Mexico as a hid away thinking “oh well there not aloud to bounty in here so I guess I will hang out for long time till things die down.” If we allow Bounty Hunters to hunt in Mexico without getting arrested we would double the amount of criminals that go to jail because all there doing is getting drugs and brining them to the U.S. that’s were our teens get weed and it just kills our lives. Dog made a brave move on his part that may have saved many women and maybe teens because Luster can’t rape anybody. He’s in prison because of Dog, Tim, and Leland, you should thank him not bring him and his family down because you’d be the bad guy. Take a look around you go to websites about Dog there are thousands if not millions of fans that would be devastated if they went to Mexican prison in fact if they went to any prison for any length of time. Don’t do that to them just think about this for a moment. Dog captures at least two people a day about 300 days a year that’s roughly 600 people who can’t sell or do any kind of drug. Now if you take away the most important part, the people who are doing the capturing you have more criminals on the streets. I don’t know about you but I would rather have Dog, Tim, and Leland here instead of the junkies.