Commentary on Killing a Killer

There was a time in my life when I thought, “an eye for an eye” “Kill and be killed” and all those popular phrases. Let’s face who wants to overcrowd and already crowded penal system. Of course I thought I was wise being a whole 14 years old and all. One day, though, I remember a very religious fellow student of the Christian faith did a presentation on why the death penalty was the right answer, noting all these theological and political reasons, I realized for the first time what a terrible philosophy killing is, no matter which way the arrow is pointed.

This comes all the way down to a major philosophical problem facing our society today. We think that if someone hits us, then we can hit them back. We think that if someone steals from us then we should be able to steal back. Of course people profess the 10 commandments, but the greatest commandment by most in our society is, “Don’t dish out what you don’t want back.”

What are we 10 years old? Seriously, people come on. No it’s not right to do to other people what they’ve done to you, Where would that leave us? Could you imagine that if everyone who got hit by a car was allowed to get in their car and run over the person who ran them over? Or another car analogy, if you crash into someones yard, do they get to crash into your yard? What if a plane runs into your house, do you get to put a plane into the pilots house? This is stupid and you know it, I’m not trying to judge anyone, but I am seriously questioning people’s judgment.

People always say; “what if it happened to you? or your family?” Again this is not good logic, my answer is; I would be an emotional wreck, who wouldn’t? Does that make it right for me to get judgment? I don’t think so. Of course your gut reaction is revenge, we are an aggressive species, no doubt, but we are also intelligent and should use our brains.

Another question people agreeing with me will say is;”would you pull the trigger?” Of course they wouldn’t, and if they think it’s alright, should the family of the person they just killed, be allowed to kill them back? The cycle could continue for ever, and everyone would be dead.

If we look again at the 10 commandments it says: “Thou shall not kill”, it doesn’t say; “Thou shall not kill, unless…” Of course it doesn’t because that is scary and wrong.

So please reconsider your side about killing people in general. I believe we all know that it is always wrong to take someone’s life. Who are we helping killing people? Probably just the ones making money from it.

I wish peace on all of you, and I hope we end this type of punishment in the near future.


On a side note, isn’t interesting how many “Pro Life” people are for the death penalty. Strange huh?