Commentary Police Officers over using Tasers and Pepper Spray to Silence

One night in April of 2003 my husband and fourteen year old son were driving home after spending the day helping a friend put a new motor in a truck. They were pulled over by a female Alaska State Trooper named M. Contreras for going 55 mph in a 55 mile an hour zone. The direction she was headed in the speed dropped down to 45 miles an hour (I guess she didn’t take into account they were headed the other way.) She got upset because my husband got out of our truck and stood at the back of it, even though he tried to explain to her that our huge dog inside the truck was not friendly. He was trying to keep the dog from being a distraction to her conducting her business. She asked him for his driver’s license. He then asked her for her identification saying that he would show her his as soon as she showed him hers. This really got her mad and she threatened to arrest him which he calmly responded, “what for because I asked you for your identification that I have a right to ask for?” She then tried to force him to put his hands behind his back to put handcuffs on him. Because he broke his back years earlier in a tanker wreck on the north slope he can’t put his hands close together behind his back. She took it that he was trying to resist her, so she pulled out her taser and zapped him in the chest several times. She was not however expecting him to pull the probes out of his chest and hand them back to her saying,”you should be careful with that thing you might hurt yourself if you keep pulling the trigger.” She then started punching him in the face until my son, whom she had not seen up to that point, rolled down his window and yelled at her to stop attacking his dad. My husband was never rude, loud or violent with her he simply asked to see her identification and instead of seeing her identification he was tasered and punched in the face. People wonder why law enforcement officers are loosing respect, maybe its because they show the public little more than contempt with the attitude that everyone else besides them are “Bad Guys.”