Commentary us Coast Guard Captures Cocaine Shipment

Recently, the United States Coast Guard captured a freighter filled with about 20 tons of cocaine. That’s worth one big hoo-rah! Then again, I wonder how many more boatloads of dope found their way to one of our ports of entry, or how much dope went through a tunnel and into a U.S. warehouse, or on or in the body of a tourist or illegal alien who came into our Country? Dope is just one way to corrupt the minds of our people. That is, if they don’t first die from snorting or smoking that poison.

Did the valiant captain of that Coast Guard ship feed that poison to the fishes? That’s what I would do, and then I wouldn’t say another word about it. Why should I care if there are a few more flying fish within the oceans of our World?

Just to put my mind at ease, I’d like to see the Video of that 20+ tons of dope being destroyed one way or another. Right? If you remember, the C.I.A. once sold cocaine on the streets of our Country in order to finance their covert operations in South America.

No doubt, the dope addicts will have to pay more for their daily supply of poison. That’s the law of supply and demand at work. Well, they can go to South America and buy as much as they want. So too, some of them might even become suppliers for their friends and business associates?

After all, these are very hard times for people to earn an honest living within our once great Nation. Three cheers for that valiant captain!