Common Reasons for Overspending

While some people see shopping as a chore to be endured, for others it is a form of enjoyment. Whatever your views on the matter shopping is a necessity of life that everyone has to do at some time or another. While most people will try to be sensible with their purchases and stick to what they can afford, it is not unknown for people to go overboard and spend too much when they are shopping. This can be a problem for many and some of the common reasons for overspending can include the following.

Poor Budgeting

Poor budgeting is a common reason that people overspend and those that are not very good at keeping an eye on the money moving in and out of their bank account are more than likely to overspend. If you don’t track the money that you have then the chances are that you will spend more than you have available and overspending is the only outcome of this.

Shopping without a list

Having a plan when you go out shopping is commonly cited as a way of keeping control of spending. If you work out beforehand what you can afford and make a list of items that you need that sticks to this, then it should not be too difficult to stay within budget. On the other hand if you go out without a list and no real idea of exactly what you want to buy, you are more likely to indulge in impulse shopping and buying something that attracts your attention, whether you actually need it or not. Shopping without a list is more than likely to end up in overspending.

Using Plastic

When shopping with money it is easy to see how much is leaving your hand when you pay and this tends to make people a little more sensible. Shopping with a credit card on the other hand puts of the pain of actually parting with money to a later date. Most people are therefore more likely to overspend when they use their little plastic friend, as when paying they don’t see the money disappearing from their hand. The buy now, pay later syndrome is one of the most common reasons for overspending.


Guilt is a common reason for overspending and it can affect many people. The parent who feels they do not spend enough time with their children as a result of work or other reasons is likely to overcompensate with the gifts they buy and this can be a reason for overspending. The same could be said of husband trying to make up to a wife for too much time spent working or in the modern age a wife feeling guilty for too much time at work and overcompensating with gifts for her husband. Whoever it affects, guilt can be a common reason for overspending.


Many people when they need to buy a particular item will purchase the first one they come across without any real effort to shop around and find the best deal. Laziness, in not putting in the effort to shop around, can therefore easily result in overspending for a product. 


Boredom can be another reason for many people overspending. Many people enjoy shopping and if they have nothing better to do will head into town even if there is nothing they particularly need. However going into town or a mall puts temptation in your way and the chances are that you will see something that catches your eye and buy it. This can easily result in spending money that you cannot really afford and overspending will be the outcome of this.

Overspending is a common problem for many people and there are a wide variety of reasons why this is the case. Those shown above are a few of the common reasons why people overspend and if you want to avoid the problem, these are some of the things you need to guard against.