Comparing Florida Auto Insurance Online

Time was when your only option was to visit your local insurance agent and hope that you were getting the best deal possible on your insurance policy. With today’s technology and available resources, motorists have more options than ever when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. There is a multitude of websites accessible to anyone with an Internet connection that provides insurance quotes based on the answers you give to a simple questionnaire. Some of the more popular sites include,, and Some other sites will actually go out, get quotes from multiple companies, and compare them on the same screen for you. One such site is

Florida law requires everyone to have a minimum of $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection coverage, and $10,000 in property damage liability coverage. The personal injury coverage pays for any medical bills you may incur due to involvement in an accident and the property damage liability covers any damage that results from an accident you cause. It is important to keep this in mind when requesting any on-line quotes for two reasons. First, if you choose anything below these amounts, the state of Florida will suspend your license and/or car registration. Second, anything above these amounts are not required by law, but may be beneficial to you in the case of an accident.

Whether you are a pro in insurance terminology or a complete novice, these sites are designed to guide you through the process of getting quotes in a relatively pain free manner. Be prepared to fill out a brief questionnaire with information ranging from your name and address to the type of vehicle you wish to insure and the coverage types and amounts you want. Be sure that you always use the same coverage types and amounts with each new quote you request so that you will have a level basis of comparison between the different companies.

When you have made your choice, you can usually go ahead and purchase your policy on-line through the company’s secure website with debit or credit card. If you are uncomfortable providing payment information on-line, and if you are using a company that has local offices in your area, there is the option of forwarding the quote to your local office where you can go in and pay by cash or check.