Comparing Home Insurnace Quotes

Comparing homeowners insurance quotes is fairly easy if you know what to look for. Most quotes for homeowners insurance contain a section for coverages, discounts and provide the amount of premium to be paid. A homeowners insurance quote is available from many sources including online and from a local insurance agent.

All insurance quotes have a section for the coverages provided. This includes the most common coverages which are contents, liability and replacement cost. Coverages are the amount or limits an insurance policy will pay when there is a loss. Coverages are available in various limits depending on what the insured needs on their policy. The replacement cost coverage is the amount that the policy will pay to completely replace the dwelling. Many companies some form of guaranteed replacement cost coverage on their policies which can vary in price depending on the age and the construction of the home.

Another common feature on a homeowners insurance quote are the discounts that are available. These are generally grouped together somewhere on the quote. These discounts can vary depending on what an insured qualifies for and what is available. Some of the discounts found on a homeowners quote are for protective devices. Protective devices usually include a fire extinguisher, a deadbolt lock and a smoke alarm. The most common type of discount that appears on many quotes is called a multi-policy discount. This is a discount that is given when more than one policy is purchased from the same company.

The most important part of a homeowners insurance quote is the total amount of the premium for the policy. The premium amount is the total amount of premium for the entire policy term. Many insurers offer a billing summary to go along with their insurance quotes. The billing summary is a breakdown of all of the billing methods that are available. Insurance companies offer many billing methods including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual. A billing summary gives the premium payment amounts for each billing method. This makes comparing premium amounts from different insurance companies much easier.

A homeowners rate or price quote is available from many sources. The most common though are to use a specific company’s web site that offers an online quote or to go to a local insurance agent. Both have their benefits but an independent insurance agent is trained to get specific information and can obtain quotes from multiple companies.