Comparing Missouri Auto Insurance Online

Comparing Missouri auto insurance online is the fastest and easiest way to ensure you are receiving the best possible insurance at great rates. Online quotes are free, and you are never under any obligation to purchase a policy. Comparing quotes online is also fast to do, taking just a matter of minutes in most cases.

While it is true that things such as your age, driving record, type of vehicle, and prior auto insurance coverage can affect the premium you will pay, rates can vary greatly between companies. Drivers average auto insurance premium in Missouri was $702 in 2009. Your premium can be higher or lower, depending on these as well as other factors. Since the state law requires that all registered vehicles carry minimum amounts of auto insurance, comparing rates is a must or you could be receiving less than what you deserve.

Auto insurance companies recommend obtaining a minimum of 3 quotes to ensure you are getting the best for your dollar. A great online site to start your auto insurance search is This site allows you to compare rates from all of the top companies in your Missouri city, as well as a “Name your own Price”option and outstanding customer service. You’ll receive up to 5 quotes in minutes. Another site you should try is Esurance gives quotes from 5 companies in your area in 6 minutes or less. Both of these sites also allow you to begin your policies online if you would like. Comparing rates online can save you hundreds of dollars on your premium.

Look for discounts while comparing rates,too. Many discounts are available that can greatly reduce your premium. Most auto insurance agencies offer discounts such as safe driver, multi-policy, and even starting and renewing your policy online. Discounts are there for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for them. You’ll be glad you did when you see the savings.