Comparing Target and Wal Mart

If you like to shop as much as I do, then you have to have shopped at Wal-mart or Target before.

Wal-mart has some of the best prices I have ever seen. I can go to Wal-mart and buy myself computer supplies for almost 50% off the average computer store would be selling for. Wal-mart also has the best hours. For example, some Wal-marts are open 24/7, in which you can go there anytime of the day or night. If you are in need of food, they have a complete section dedicated to food. Almost every Wal-mart in VA have the food section in them. Additionally, Wal-mart almost always has stuff on-sale, or marked off, which is good for people who do not wish to spend too much. Wal-mart over all deserves to be one of the best department stores there is.

Target on the other hand, is also a great place to shop. It might not be as big as a Wal-mart, but Target has cool stuff too. I remember the last time I was at Target, i bought 3 dvd’s. I think Target has the best electronics section, because they are almost always stocked up in the dvd section, and there are always video game systems stocked in the glass cases. In addition, they have everything categorized in 4+ isles in the electronics department. Target is always on clearance, and always has good customer service, even at the registers. But I think the best thing that Target has is their furniture. The furniture at target is very retro, and very stylish. Furniture at target, is also marked down just like everything else in the store. Target is also one of the most common gifts for the holiday’s.

Overall Target and Wal-mart are both great department stores, but they both have downsides to them. For example, wal-mart isn’t always the best when it comes to check out. Most of the time you see a line stretching way from the register, all the way across the main isle, almost all the way to the next section in the store. Check out at wal-mart is sometimes a little ridiculous. Then there is target, with their mis-priced items. You might see something for 100 dollars marked down to 20 dollars, and find out it wasn’t only marked down, it is actually 200 dollars! Target 75% of the time has something in the store mis-priced.

Both Wal-mart and Target have their ups-and-downs, but I think personally that they both are the same when it comes to comparing them to each other. I have got great service from both of them, and they haven’t yet to have disappointed me. To me, they both are good and I think the topic should have been, “Comparing Wal-Mart and K-mart”. Since I think we all know, that Wal-Mart beats the hell out of K-mart.