Comparing Target and Wal Mart

There are many differences bewteen Target and Wal-Mart that consumers should understand. First, Tagret is a cleaner store on average, due to many factors. #1-they have higher prices on most products which are comparable to the products Wal-Mart stores carry. #2- With the higher prices, Target does not need to sell as many items to make the same profit that Wal-Mart makes. #3- Target has less customers that come through their doors than Wal-Mart do, which means that there are less customers that might spill their drinks, or break a bottle of shampoo, or drop their popcorn throughout the store, etc. Wal-Mart is making an effort to have a cleaner store, but what customers have to realize is that they negatively effect the cleanliness of Wal-Mart stores more than that of Target. More customers = a less clean store.

Wal-Mart pays more to their associates on average than Target stores do. The average starting rate for Wal-Mart associates is greater than $7.30, even higher with previous experience (and a 30 cent raise after a positive 90 day evaluation), and Target stores will pay as little as minimum wage for an unexperenieced applicant. The average Wal-Mart associate makes $10 an hour, whereas the average Target associate makes around $8 or so. Why would Wal-Mart pay more to their associates? They are the largest retail company with 4000+ stores and Sam’s Clubs around the world. Wal-Mart has more customers than Target does, and since their prices are cheaper than Target, each associate must work hard and give their best each and everyday to service the customers.

Wal-Mart has Department Managers/Merchandise Supervisors, whereas Target has Team Leaders. Merchandise Supervisors manage a given department or departments being specialists in the merchandise they sell. The Supervisor also adjusts prices, lowering certain items in price to beat out their competitors’ prices, and does their best to keep the shelves full with products (which is difficult because of the heavy customer traffic). Target’s Team Leaders stock whichever department needs it the most, but each associate shares ownership of every department, not being specialists in any given department. Each associate does have a walkie-talkie, allowing them to instantly and professionally communicate to each other to assist customers, but Wal-Mart has telephones which aid them. Walkie-talkies are expensive, and since they are, Target has less workers at a given time on the salesfloor, whereas Wal-Mart has two-three associates in each and every department.

Target and Wal-Mart both allow their associates to advance within the company, buy stock, etc. There are many more differences between Wal-Mart and Target like helping the community (which Wal-Mart is a larger contributor worldwide, whereas Target gives out less, but directly help people in their community around the location of the store. Wal-Mart gives scholarships to pursue a higher education, helps associates who lose a love one or their home, etc.

So, which is a better company to work for, to shop at, Target or Wal-Mart? It is a personal decision everyone must make for themselves. Target is a clean store with less products sold out on their shelves, and have shorter lines on average than Wal-Mart stores do. Wal-Mart has quality items comparable to Target stores for a cheaper price, they sell more items to more customers everyday than Target does, they pay more to their associates on average, but more customers passing through the store equals a less clean and louder store, and longer lines on average than Target stores. Pay more, or pay less? The choice is yours.