Comparing Turkey Eggs to Chicken Eggs

When comparing turkey eggs to chicken eggs you will see that turkey eggs are quite a bit larger than chicken eggs. The shell of the turkey eggs have a speckles with a reddish pattern. They taste very similar to chicken eggs and they can be prepared the same ways as you would cook chicken eggs.

Turkey eggs contain a very high amount of cholesterol. Each turkey egg contains 11 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat, 135 calories and it weighs about 79 grams. Chicken eggs are about 40% smaller than a turkey egg. Chicken eggs also contain less cholesterol than turkey eggs. A turkey egg can offer more iron, but chicken eggs have 5% less iron than a turkey egg. Chicken eggs contain 4 grams less fatt as well.

Turkey eggs contain both vitamins and minerals. When you consume one turkey egg you will be getting 9% of the RDA of vitamin A. Turkey eggs contain many B vitamins like riboflavin, vitamin B 6, and vitamin B12.

Turkey eggs are rich in the mineral selenium and this mineral is what activates antioxidants to help fight disease in the body. People who have been diagnosed with high cholesterol should avoid eating turkey eggs. Turkey eggs are more nutritious than chicken eggs and that is because they are much larger. Turkey eggs can be used in many recipes just like chicken eggs are. Serving turkey eggs to those who suffer from vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition is a great idea.

A turkey egg can contain .91 grams of carbs and 78 mg of calcium. A large chicken egg will contain about .39grams of carbs and 26 mg of calcium. Chicken eggs are much more common in a store. You can but chicken eggs at most all grocers. If you are interested in buying turkey eggs, then you may have to shop for them in specialty store. Because turkey eggs contain so much cholesterol, even people who have not been diagnosed with having high cholesterol should not eat many turkey eggs. This is because the normal consumption of cholesterol should be about 300g a day and turkey eggs contain over 700 grams in just one.

People who have high cholesterol would benefit greatly by buying no cholesterol egg products that are available in a liquid form at most grocers. You can use these cholesterol free egg products the same way as you would use a regular chicken egg.